Sunday, June 19, 2016

Quiet Week at Home

We went to bed almost as soon as we got home on Tuesday.  Watching TV was futile so we gave in and were in bed by 9 and slept right through to morning.  Wednesday was busy with emptying suitcases, doing laundry, opening mail and making a few phone calls.  What didn't get finished on Wednesday was tended to on Thursday.

I had a doctor's appointment and did the grocery shopping while I waited for my prescription.  Dr. C gave me a diuretic to help with the swelling in my feet due to the long plane ride.  He has been trying to find a reason to send us both to a cardiologist so he made an appointment for me to have my vein efficiency checked out.  Last month he sent Ted to have a varicose vein looked at.  We have never needed a cardiologist and this bothered Dr. C.  I hope he is happy now even if we are going in through the vein back door and not the heart front door.

Ted worked a whole day shoot on Friday and it gave me time to finish up all the loose ends.  By the time he returned home, everything was done and I had smoked sausage and sauerkraut ready for dinner.

I promised to let you know the outcome of my skin biopsy.  It was basal cell cancer but the edges were clear so Dr K got it all.  It will be checked again in 3 months.  It had healed up fine while we were gone.

We didn't do much of anything on Saturday except go to church, eat at the Mexican restaurant and watch Outlander.  With our On Demand XFinity we were able to catch up on all our TV shows we missed.

Sunday was Father's Day and I gave Ted a small gun cleaning kit that he will be able to keep in the trailer.  Kristin sent a gift card for fuel this summer.  Kelly and Kara called and said they were waiting until we were home to send their gifts.  Ted shot skeet with his friends, I fixed a nice dinner and he said he had a good day.  It was a sad day for me, the first without my Dad being there to call.  I know Laurie, my sister who lived near him, is feeling his absence so very much.  

I finally was in town to play bunco but I was tired since I had still been sleeping only until 4:30 no matter what.  I continually fell asleep on the couch no matter how hard I tried to stay awake by drinking Coke, taking a nap in the afternoon, etc.  I had a score of 9 9 0 at bunco which is 9 wins, 9 losses, 0 Buncos.  In other words, zilch, nada, nothing.  The food was good and I enjoyed seeing everyone but I needed a nap when I got home.  My back was hurting some so I laid on the ice pack.  Ted had leftovers for dinner and I stayed up later and then took a Tylenol PM.

It worked!  I slept until 6:00.  Not sure if it was the nap or the pill that worked but I was grateful for the extra morning rest.  When I checked the Forum calendar last week I saw that they needed help at the Thrift  Shop so I signed up for both Tuesdays.  I worked 10-12 and if my back hadn't been bothering me I would have stayed until 2:00.  Hopefully I can do all four hours next week.  I only have to do 25 hours this year instead of 50 because this is my 7th year of service.  Next year I can opt out of working at all but what is the point then?  I will work as much as I can but I am only obligated to 25.

I came home, had lunch and hit the couch with my ice pack again.  Ted was out so the house was quiet and I just rested.  Other than getting a mani/pedi I didn't do much on Wednesday.  After all the running we have done since our arrival the end of March, that feels good occasionally.

Stella had called and asked if we wanted to meet at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch on Thursday after Jay's stress test.  With their schedule and ours it is hard to meet up frequently.  Jay did OK on the test and Stella is recovering from cataract surgery so we talked medical issues and travels.  Their schedule has been disrupted with this testing and eye surgery and our schedule had just been blown out of the water with the trips we hadn't planned on.  But we all seem to be back on track for now.  It was great to see them.

That evening our neighbors who also have a home in Israel came over for a visit.  We see them even less because they travel worldwide constantly.  I love to hear their stories and appreciate their interest in our travels.  He is fascinated by Ted's ability to drive our RV and the many US places we have visited.  They stayed quite late but it was a nice end to a good day spent with friends.

I had called Gerre about getting together Friday before both they and we head out again.  We decided to go to Leona TX to the best steakhouse around (as long as an hour's drive isn't too much for you).  She agreed and said she would invite Tony and Linda.  By the time we were finished, 20 of us were going.  This is a little restaurant open 3 days a week, serving steak, catfish and chicken.  Your meal comes with salad, rolls and mashed potatoes.  That's it.  No substitutes because there aren't any!

A 10 oz. steak is the smallest steak and we both ordered that.  I ate about half of mine and Ted finished it.  He won't eat mashed potatoes so he just ate the steak, rolls and salad.  It is the best steak I have ever had.  It is tender, juicy, flavorful and oh, so good.

We all left there and drove back to Gerre's where the guys sat around the outside bar, the ladies sat around the table and some of us went swimming.  The water was perfect!  It was another good day with friends.

We are meeting with Chris about our being gone in the summer.  With our whirlwind months after returning in March we haven't had a chance to speak to him about returning.  Hope he still likes our arrangement.

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