Friday, June 17, 2016

Second 25

I'm Tropical gardens on Tresco, Isles of Scilly.  Trade winds cause the mild temps.

St. David's Cathedral, Caernarfon, Wales

Crucifix and organ

The balcony where newly crowned Princes of Wales come to wave to their subjects.  Last one was Charles in 1969.  Next will be William or George depending how the line of succession goes.

Dublin, Ireland

Statues to remind us of the starvation of the people during the great potato famine.  It reminded me of the bronze shoes at the edge of the river in Budapest where Jews were pushed to their death into the river.  Lest we forget.

A Celtic cross so prevalent in Irish cemeteries.

We visited St. Patrick's Cathedral too but I think those photos are on Ted's phone.  I will put some together at a later date.

Our Zodiak view as we approached the shoreline of Iona.

A double burial tomb in the abbey at Iona.

Isle of Barra

The runway (the beach).

Baggage claim!

Stornoway, the Outer Hebrides - Harris Tweed Wool weaver - each of those strings, numbering over 1000, have to be tied by hand before the weft is introduced to start the weaving.

The man pedals as if he is biking. 

Finished product.  It will be picked up and taken to the factory for use in making Harris Tweed items.

This is not Harris Tweed but shows the loom a bit better.

Ted observing the drying of the barley for whiskey.

Squares of peat burned to create heat.

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