Saturday, April 9, 2016

What A Party!

Friday we attended an engagement party for the son of good friends held at the home of the best party planner in our area.  She does things I wouldn't begin to think of in a million years.  Her buffet table was laden with red roses in silver urns sitting on mirrors on beautiful tablecloths.  The food was delicious and plated and served in a fabulous fashion.  There were small glasses with strips of fresh vegetables with ranch dressing, individual beef tenderloin mini sandwiches, miniature martini glasses with mashed potatoes topped with cheese and bacon bits, puff pastry wrapped asparagus, 3 large shrimp in tiny silver bowls of cocktail sauce along with a lemon wedge, pecan sauce on chicken nuggets, and huge strawberries with dip.  There were other "snacks" sitting around, all served in gorgeous dishes.  Candelabras graced the outdoor tables that also had beautiful embroidered tables cloths.  Everything was just perfect.  Dessert was a monogrammed cake surrounded on a lower level by smaller cakes bearing the same monogram with the bottom layer holding the napkins and forks laid out in a pattern.  It was all displayed on layered mirrored circles in 3 different diameters.  It was an exquisite presentation.  

Talk about being intimidated!  I enjoyed myself immensely and hope I never have to entertain in such a fashion.  It would be a huge fail.

Mike went to his ranch Saturday so Ted went to the gun club to take care of a group that turned into three groups before he left to come back home for church.  Afterwards we went to play cards.  There were only four couples and the girls played at one table and the fellows at another.  Ted won at his table and I came in second at mine.  Good thing too because my dime purse was getting thin.  It was after 11:00 when we got home.  The Outlander series started its second season and we recorded it on the DVR so we watched it.  Looks like it will be as good as the first season!

Sunday was a packing day and going to the grocery to get ready for the Canasta group coming Monday afternoon.  I was up early Monday and got the tables and food ready before getting ready myself.  We had a bit of a late start but finished on time because Teri was headed to her last Bridge class.  Tuesday will be a very early wake up call for our 8:45 am flight.

We were up very early to get ready to leave for the airport.  We left the house at 6:30 and by 7:30 we had parked, taken the shuttle to the terminal and gotten through security because our boarding passes were marked TSA pre check.  We zipped right through, artificial hips and all.  No traffic, no backlog!  We had time to drink a cup of coffee, get our FF numbers straightened out and board while overhead bins were still available.  However, I think we are officially old because a cart stopped and told us to get on and they would take us to our gate.  It was the last one on the corridor so we did appreciate the ride.  All in all, a nice airport experience.

Our flight went seamlessly.  I had paid extra so Ted could sit closer to the front with more legroom and a bit wider seat.  I had an aisle seat further back but no one in the middle seat so I was plenty comfortable.  We landed almost a half hour early and Larry pulled up just as we walked out.  Since it was lunch time we went to The Porch in Winter Park to eat.  After a spin around the area we headed to their home in Winter Springs.

We were all tuckered out so we took a small siesta before Larry and I went to the grocery.  Kristin had two pork tenderloins out for dinner so I bought things to round out a meal.  She liked coming home and having dinner ready.  Our 5:30 am start to the day caught up with us so we turned in early.  

We intended to go to Rollins College to visit the Morse Museum Tiffany display but the morning got away from us so we just went to lunch and later met Kristin at the Enzion Theater for the Animated Shorts portion of the Florida Film Festival.  There were over a dozen presented and we were able to vote on them.  Some were plain dumb, others mildly amusing and a few pretty good.  Kristin has enjoyed this festival most years since our return to FL in 1996 but it wouldn't be my cup of tea.  It was a new experience for us and Ted suggested I get my hair colored like the lady in front of us with purple, pink, blue and green hair.  He thought my gray wouldn't show so quickly!!  Afterwards we stopped for an ice cream before heading home.  Larry had DVR'ed Survivor for me so we watched that before heading to bed.  My guy is still hanging in there though his underhandedness may cost him in the end. 

We intend to hit the museum today and there will be photos so I will start a new post.

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