Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

This was the 15th Anñiversary Rally for the Texas Boomers Camping Club.  We arrived about 12:15 in Boerne and found Jay and Tommy setting up on either side of us.  They had just arrived too.  Everyone was busy getting things in order both inside and out.  When finished we had a sandwich for lunch. While I cooked the chicken for Thursday night's potluck, Ted went to fill up the truck.  I used the Gas Buddy app to find the best diesel fuel price.  That app sure comes in handy when traveling.

It was a sad afternoon.  First I learned that the husband of the Spiritual Director at our church lost her husband.  She had recently helped me plan our 50th anniversary celebration.  Then as we left for dinner our friend Stella next door called for her husband because their dog had quietly died in their RV living room.  We were all shocked and upset.  We had three dishes for the potluck but stopped and found a vet to take her and transfer her to a service for cremation.  The evening was very low key from then on.

Today I learned my nephew was taken to the hospital for chest pains and my friend is making plans for evacuation if the dam by them is breached by more rain that is expected.  I called Chris and told him they may bring things for safe keeping and if they need to evacuate may be staying in our master bedroom.  I am worried about what else might raise its head tomorrow!

This morning we had zippy omelets for breakfast.  You put two eggs and toppings in a ziplock bag, mash it all up, then zip it closed.  Fifteen bags at a time are put into a huge pot of boiling water and you get 15 perfect made to order omelets.  Great way to quickly feed 120 people.  Foùr pots were used and you write your name on the bag.  They are really good and were served with fruit, juice, coffee and pastries.

We watched the line dancing class and then I visited with Susan in her motorhome.  Tonight's dinner was Stuffed Tator night followed by a dance band.  We sat outside for a long time and then decided to come in because all the fresh air had worn us out.  My sciatic nerve (I think) is bothering me intermittently and I just wanted to put medicine on it and put my leg up.  The pain is in the middle of my right cheek and my right calf and that's why I think it is a nerve.

At 4:00 a.m. I received a text.  With people going in and out of the hospital, dams waiting to break and family traveling for the holiday, I got up to see who it was.  I was informed the sender was having seriously racy thoughts about me and I should text back.  I was livid!  I am not the best sleeper, had pain in my hip and some ding dong wakes me up!  I wonder what his reaction to an almost 70 year old senior citizen would be!  Jerk!

I did eventually get back to sleep for about an hour and then got up to make my egg and ham dish for our potluck breakfast.  There was lots of food and all very good; my dish turned out well.  After our meal there was a Memorial Day presentation, recognition for all vets present, acknowledgement of family members currently serving and a slideshow of all our members who have served, both living and dead.  It was very meaningful and met with thunderous applause.

We decided to drive to Waring TX to see if the general store was going to be open on Sunday.  It is a hole in the wall restaurant that Susan raved about but we couldn't get anyone to answer the phone.  We found it with no difficulty and they will be open for just two hours noon to 2:00 on Sunday.  We are going to church at 9:00 so that will work fine.  It has the the best burgers ever Susan says.  There is all kinds of seating inside and out plus two stages.  Their big night is steak nght on Wednesday.

We came home and suffered through rain, rain and more rain!  We started getting water on the floor near the refrigerator.  Ted checked the slide seal and it was flipped and not laying flat.  He used Jay's awning hook to straighten it out and the water stopped.

We were on serving duty for the BBQ anniversary dinner which wasn't hard at all.  There was pulled pork, sausage, cole slaw, beans, potato salad and cake.  

They wanted two lines starting at the ends and ending in the middle.  I suggested they call tables from either end of the hall so when finished, folks could make a U turn back to their table.  It worked like a charm and we had everyone served in no time.  The weather got increasingly worse so most of us returned to our rigs.  The building was left open and lit in case anyone needed to seek refuge there during the night.

On the news they said River Road was closed so we weren't sure we could get to church but we had no problem.  There was lots of debris left from the receding waters visible during our short drive.  

When we returned we left for Waring.  We arrived a little before noon but no one ever came to open up.  After waiting a reasonable amount of time we drove to Kerrville instead.  Twice we had to drive through water over the road but our truck sits up high so we were ok.  Lakeside restaurant looked to be very busy but the six of us were seated right away.  We had a nice lunch, tried to find the park on the Guadalupe River to take a look but we never found it.  The other folks had dogs back at the campground and they wanted to get back so we came home.

Around 6:00 we went to the clubhouse for an ice cream social and the drawing for door prizes.  Jay won a Texas flag and an I Love Texas T-shirt.  None of us others won anything though.  Tommy decided to make pina coladas so we eventually retired to their motorhome while he got the blender going.

The news about the loss of life and damage in Central Texas has been devastating.  We are very lucky to have been out of harm's way.  Please pray tor the families who have lost loved ones.  The damaged property will eventually be restored but they are gone from us forever.

Honor our departed military today.  Have a safe and meaningful Memorial Day.

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