Monday, November 10, 2014

The Holidays Are Breathing Down Our Necks

After I spray painted the chair and table, I took on the door using SunShield.  This is great stuff for outside wood treatment.  

Here are two rags I used on just the wood of the door, not a big area.  It is unbelievable how dirty things get.  SunShield cleans, waxes and protects exposed wood.  Note the new color trim on the doorframe.

Ted was shooting and I was on a roll so I moved a picture down an inch because I felt it was too high.  Then I tackled the cabinet interiors of the master bath.  The stainer will take the doors and drawers out to the garage but the cabinets will be stained in place.  I wanted to wash the bottoms and sides before they started.  

Stella called and they were on their way here from Oklahoma and wanted to have dinner.  After Ted came home and cleaned up we left for the mall to meet them. We were invited to the campground Tuesday for a Veterans Day BurgerQ and we accepted.  So we talked Jay and Stella into staying at the campground at least through Wednesday.

The week started off with my Canasta group playing Shanghai instead because we were short two people.  And I won!  My dime purse barely zips.  I have been doing well but I know that will change soon enough.  Sometimes you get the cards, sometimes not.

While I was doing that, Ted took our friend Stan out for lunch.  He and Michele have been friends for many years but Stan is now living in a Memory Care Unit.  He asked Ted to take him to Chik Fila and then for a ride.  They were together almost three hours.  Stan told Ted he probably wouldn't remember the next day that he had been there but he sure did appreciate lunch, the ride and the visit.  Michele called that evening and said when she talked to Stan it was the most cohesive he had been in some time.  The visit was good medicine for Stan's mind and Ted's soul.  

Tucker came to visit us for the week and he gets really excited when he gets here.  I am glad he likes his visits because we enjoy having him.  But it wasn't long and we had to leave for our BurgerQ Veterans Day party at the campground.  Lots of Winter Texan friends are back.  The owners and social director were really glad we came.  And Stella and Jay had stayed too.  It was like old times before everyone retired and hit the road.  I had made sweet potatoes because I figured no one else would bring them.  Texans don't seem to think they are a mainstay even for Thanksgiving!  Our first year here we were appalled at that and no cranberries!  My dish was mostly empty and Mack came up to tell me  how good they were so maybe I am making converts.

The window washers came on Wednesday and did the inside and outside in no time flat.  We are clean!  Roof, bricks, driveway, walk, patio furniture and even St. Francis.  The trim and fence look great in their new paint.  Inside we still await the cabinet stainers, rug stretcher and I am trying to get the correct shade of green rugs for the bathroom but we see the end of the line.  The sad part is that most  of what we have done, most people won't notice.  Sort of like buying a mattress or washing machine!

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