Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Am Ready!

We had a nice meal and visits with friends for our Thanksgiving dinner.  There are a lot of people who eat out on holidays.  The dining room and food at the country club were festive and we enjoyed it.  However, it is a bummer the next day with no leftovers!  Afterwards we went back to Terry and Carol's to watch football and play cards.  Carol had made a pecan pie but we chose to bring our pieces home.

Friday Ted ventured out for one shopping item and I stayed home because Isabelle was coming to clean.  She hadn't given me a time with the holiday so I just waited.  Other than Ted's one trip we stayed out of the fray!

I put my decorations up for Christmas but as predicted there aren't many and they are not elaborate.  We have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree with my stable beneath it.  I set several pointsettias around too.  The stable always comes out but is usually on the kitchen sideboard.  To avoid storing my everyday things, I chose to keep the sideboard intact.  Same goes for the mantel.  I used my train and pointsettias on the hearth.  Add a wreath and a snowman out front and I am done!.

The kids head to Dallas the weekend after Christmas and we will depart as soon after as we can get the decorations put away and the RV packed.  Chris doesn't want to look at Christmas things until March and I don't want to come home to them either.

After church on Saturday, the four of us went to Fuddrucker's for burgers and to watch the Alabama and Auburn football game.  We stayed until half time then headed home.  It was a roller coaster game but I went to bed before it was over.  Terry and Carol's grandson goes to Alabama so I know they stayed up and were thrilled with the win.

Ted went shooting Sunday and I used the time to wrap gifts.  I then realized I had everything ordered but very little had actually arrived!  After wrapping four, I moved on to the Christmas cards.  I designed them and had them printed at Shutterfly.  It depicts what this year has been mostly about.  They are ready for stamps now.

I have a busy week coming up.  There are three "work days" for Junior Forum and two parties plus a couple of personal appointments.  I will catch y'all next week!

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