Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Has Arrived

We are finally getting cooler temps and some rainy weather.  So our inside painting was finished but the outside was on hold until we dried out.  I have booked the first cabinet stainer for Monday of Thanksgiving week.  By then it should be the last thing needing to be done inside.  The second fellow just didn't float my boat.  He never even showed me what he would do as far as finish and color.  And he was $200 more!

I worked two days at the Children's Festival this week and was in charge of getting signed releases from all of our volunteers.  One lady called in sick so I joined her group to get 159 children from the buses to their seats for two programs and then moved them to another venue for lunch and a program by the Children's Museum.  Last thing, get them all back on the correct buses.  By day's end I had already received an email saying one lady could not make it the second day so I worked with her team once my sign in duties were done.

Michelle, Doris and I enjoying the show with the youngsters on Day 1.

When I got home I took a nap!  Ted came in later and told me the paint sample was on our eaves so I went out to see it and I liked it.  Greg the painter called to say he would be at our house at 8:00 a.m. the next day.  I was gone by then so Ted was in charge.

I was pooped!  Two days of 3300 children out and about tired me out.  The second day I did double sign in duties because Liz was unable to attend.  Then I took Maria's spot because whe was out sick.  Our group only attended two of the five venues so we were able to leave before the big rush started.  We were told our buses were moved so they could get out early but that turned out not to be true so we did a lot of walking at the end.  This group of kids was so good.  They paid attention to the programs, listened to their teachers and when they finished lunch there was not a scrap of paper to be found.  Kudos to Ponderosa Elementary.

Saturday was "put everything back where it belongs" day.  All the pictures had to be rehung.  My window seat windowsill holds lots of framed photographs.  Flower arrangements were returned to their proper places and the new towels and rugs were unwrapped and put in the bathroom.  Progress!  The painters are returning Monday to finish up outside.

We picked up Carol for church since Terry is out of town.  Afterwards we went to a newer restaurant that none of us had been to.  It was pretty good and a great place if you are into beer tasting.  Carol had a blonde beer, I had a glass of Reisling and Ted had his ever present Diet Coke.  It was a nice visit interspersed with whoops and hollers during the Alabama-LSU football game.

Today I am going to sand and paint my porch chair and table to finish off the maintenance outside.  I really like the new trim paint color.  Though we have several different brick colors in the neighborhood, everyone was trimmed with light paint that matched the keystone.  I think that will be changing as more folks paint their homes.  It is getting to be that time.

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