Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Someone's In the Kitchen with Dinah!

Friday night was the big football game between the two local high schools.  Ted received a call from John asking if he wanted to attend so off they went for a boys' night out.  Ted can watch 5 year olds play  football and enjoy it.  I on the other hand tolerate football 5 days a week at this time of year and was content to stay home with my popcorn and complete control of the remote.

On Saturday Ted worked a political shoot at the gun club.  He had a chance to give our Congressman his two cents worth.  Well, actually, he said maybe about a penny's worth due to a lack of time.  We went to church then had a lovely dinner at Landry's overlooking the lake with Terry and Carol.  For living in the same area, we have a hard time seeing one another often enough.  

On Sunday Ted had a chance to do his own shooting after all his working at the gun club.  He enjoys meeting and helping the event shooters but he enjoys his own shooting  more so.  I stayed home and got my Christmas card list in order among other things.  My cards arrived printed and ready to go last week.  I made chicken soup from scratch for dinner, a favorite of Ted's.  I got tired of waiting for the weather to cool.

Monday I had to deliver a tray of lasagna to church for a funeral.  I made just enough extra to make an 8 x 8 pan for our dinner too.  Once I delivered it to church I went to have my nails done.  I hate when my nails get too long and it had been a month since my last appointment.  I got the new girl and she wasn't what I would call speedy.

Tuesday was a Thrift Shop work day for me.  They are building on, which has screwed up the parking in the area. I was about 5 minutes late and told them I had to walk from Nacogdoches because of the parking.  It's hard to get fired as a volunteer.

Before I left home I made a batch of my cole slaw dressing because we were going to the campground to see Tommy, Susan, Jay and Stella for dinner and a visit.   Ted was up early and put an 8# brisket in the smoker.  After my four hour shift I came home and prepared baked beans.

The roof cleaners were here from 10-2:30 and it looks terrific. Walking down the street you can see the big difference between our roof and the neighbors on either side.  There is a sign in our yard now so maybe they will get some more business around here.

We went to the campground with brisket, beans, cole slaw and drinks.  First thing I noticed was Tommy's new toy - a drone with a camera.  He was playing with it today and took this photo.  It looks like a small helicopter with a tiny camera.  That is their Allegro Bus in the middle of the photo.

Dinner was great with cake, pie and ice cream for dessert furnished by Stella and Susan.  No one left hungry!

Merry, my neighbor, and I started on a project that will remain a secret for awhile.  Then in the evening I went to Happy Hour and stayed until 8:30.  Ted was in Dallas so I didn't have to cook today.  There are plenty of leftovers.

I was able to join my ladies Shanghai Group that I seldom get to play with.  They keep me on the roster and I respond immediately to let them know if I can play.  And today I won!  This is the $5 group so it was a nice pot!

No big plans for the Halloween weekend other than church on Saturday and then "falling back" on the clock.

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