Saturday, October 18, 2014

Reagan's Trickle Down Economics

Here is how it works. You call the following small business owners to get things done around the house and you single handedly restore the economy!

Cleaning Crew to clean house
Roofer to repair, replace, paint flashings around vents, pipes, etc. as maintenance on the roof
Painter to paint house trim, fence, bedroom, bathroom
Cabinet stainer to work in master bath
Plumber to fix "innards" of the master bath toilet that is leaking 
Order new picture, sconces and chair to spruce some rooms up a bit
Order new towels and rugs for the master bath
Order replacement flowers for master bath arrangement
Buy new pillows for family room
Buy mums for outside wheelbarrow
Have sleeves hemmed on the NCL robe Ted bought me for my birthday on the cruise ship.  I swear an orangutan would find them too long.  The material is too thick for me to cut the six inches off before hemming so off they go to the seamstress.

Now doesn't everyone feel better about the economy?   I'm not sure Ted does.

Our constant coming and going makes it difficult to get jobs around the house done either by ourselves or someone we hire.  The house is 11.5 years old and just needs some TLC.  We only have about 10 weeks before we leave again and both Thanksgiving and Christmas are in that timeframe so I don't expect things to settle down anytime soon.

I spent most of the week at home coordinating our undertakings but I did play Canasta on Monday afternoon.  I came in last and got my $1 back!  We met Jay and Stella for dinner on Wednesday when they arrived back in Texas.  Friday night was dinner and our season ticket play night.  We saw Crimes of the Heart and it was very good.  Neither of us knew the storyline so it was totally new to us.

While I was busy stimulating the economy Ted worked two fund raiser shoots at the gun club.  The Pregnancy Center was on Thursday and 4H on Saturday.  We went to church Saturday evening and Ted will do his own shooting on Sunday.

I will carry on in his absence.  The stores will be open!

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