Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making A Little Progress on the Economy

Well, I donated $5 to the economy via bunco.  That was followed by two hours repair time on Ted's computer.  And that was just Monday!  The roofer did his thing Tuesday and it was determined we should have the roof cleaned.  Black streaks are a common occurrence on Houston roofs but I thought power washing would remove granules.  Apparently there is a low power wash that uses a solution that removes the algae causing the streaks.  He said removing that helps the roof because the algae holds in moisture against the shingles.  So the roof cleaner is coming next Tuesday!  After he left the plumber came and replaced the float system on both toilets.  The second one was spraying out of places it shouldn't so to avoid a second service call I just had him replace both.

I have made two trips to Sherwin Williams getting paint samples.  They told me to download an app that allowed me to take a photo of the brick and my bedroom rug then the computer picks up the colors predominant in the photo.  Of course with our brick that was a lot of shades. I was off on my first set so I went back with the new numbers off the computer and have selected a color that is darker than what we have now but hopefully will look good.  I was in the right ballpark with the bedroom paint.

My packages have been arriving since I shop mostly on line.  I also had to order a wedding present in the middle of all this purchasing.  Slowly the small changes are taking place in the house.

I met Gerre today to shop and have lunch.  I bought a new waste can and tissue holder for the bathroom, some candles that are not a good color and need to go back, some red wine glasses, a few Christmas gifts and a couple blouses.  When I arrived home Ted had his truck hood up. Two dead batteries!  Loving this trickle down stuff!

The painter will start once I give him my color choices and the roof cleaning is done.  Now I don't know who to have power wash the house - the roof cleaner or the painter whose bid includes it.  But will the painter power wash the walks and drive or do I need to have the window washer do that like he normally does when the painting is done?

The cabinet stainer is coming a week from Saturday.  Since he speaks a little English and I speak even less Spanish I am not exactly sure where this is going!  

Before we moved here we averaged 3.8 years per house.  Any decorating I did was to an empty house, most of them new.   I had no idea what to do about our bedroom furniture when we ordered carpeting.  No one ever told me they moved the furniture!  Same with the painter.  Who knew?

Nothing much going on this weekend but next week sure looks busy.  Eventually this will all get done and I will stop thinking about it.  However, I do feel a need to start throwing some stuff away!

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