Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sixth Set of Photos - Almost There!

Some sights around Prague.  This is the lock fence.  Apparently they are popular in Europe with young lovers.  Engaged couples place a lock on the rungs of the fence to lock their love forever.  I knew there was one in Paris but apparently there are lots of them.

The water mill wheel behind the lock fence.

The little garden restaurant where we stopped.  There were red blankets over the back of the chairs and I thought perhaps it was for when it was chilly to wrap around your shoulders.  Then we noticed everyone folding them up and making chair cushions! 


A memorial to the U.S. firemen of 9/11.

The entrance to the Charles Bridge.  It was so crowded I was unable to take photos.  Also there were artisans lining it which made photo taking quite difficult without having their wares in your pictures.

We made our way to the metro and stopped at the Flora Atrium to check it out for dinner.  We had to take a photo of this store.

We found a food court with lots of restaurants and decided to get Ian and Bobbie to come back for dinner which we did.  We ate at Coyote's and it was quite good.  It was advertised as an American Café and that sounded really good after two weeks of European food which was fabulous but home is home.

The next day we went alone to Mass and then on to the 1/6 replica of the Eiffel Tower.  We walked a short way down from church to the funicular and was able to use our metro day ticket to ride it to Petrin Hill.  Besides the tower there was lots of other things to see.

Replica of Eiffel Tower.  It is only 1/6 the height of the real one but because it sits much higher above sea level, is actually as tall.


Saint Nicholas Church and Prague Castle area.

Charles Bridge.  You can sort of make out the black forms of all the statues that line it.

It was a cool, misty day so the resolution isn't the best.

Stone "stations of the cross" are spread throughout the park.  This is #14, Jesus is laid in the tomb.

The many beautiful rose gardens.

The roof opened just as we walked by.

The funicular track as we descended.

That evening we returned to the Prague Castle area for dinner at Lobkowicz Palace Restaurant.  Ted took a picture of the tower we had visited earlier in the day.

The next morning we left the hotel at 3:15 am for our trip home.

In the words of Woody Woodpecker "That's all Folks!"

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