Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Feeling the Air Rage Events

It is interesting that there have been a few air rage incidents about reclining seats just as we were squashed by KLM into a similar situation.  Poor Ted actually sits with his knees on either side of the seat in front of him and when they lean back he can hardly put his tray down flat to receive his food.  The attendant will usually tell them they have to sit up because the person behind them cannot eat.  

The answer is for the airlines to stop adding rows of seats shrinking personal space and limit the recline amount.  When you have 36 inches of room and the seat in front of you takes six by reclining, it is a definite problem.

My personal problem is getting from the second seat to the aisle without holding onto the reclined seat and disturbing the reclined person.  Since you cannot stand up straight it is necessary to brace yourself using that seat back.  When they turn around I just smile at them. 

We did try to buy exit row seats, extra legroom seats, etc. but none were available.  KLM 747s have been the worse in our travels and I will not use them again.  As an Inner Circle member at Grand Circle we now have input into our air itinerary.  We would prefer flying to the northeast for a first leg, then do the second leg from there but not on KLM!

Our 2:15 am wake up call at the Prague hotel came at 2:50 for a 3:15 departure.  Good thing I woke up about 2:00 on my own.  We met two other travelers downstairs, settled our account, were given coffee, a sandwich, apple, orange, water and cookies since there was no breakfast.  I tried to check in on line and it said I couldn't.  That day I tried before we left the hotel and it said I couldn't.   At the airport I tried again because Karen and Lou both were able to but it spit out a sheet saying I couldn't.   Since we were there 45 minutes before the counter was even open, I was first in line.  

I gave the clerk our itinerary and reservation code, our passports and the piece of paper the machine had spit it.  She never asked questions, never explained, just checked us in and sent our luggage through.  Whatever!

Security was no problem.  We are well versed in the ziplock bag, jewelry and belts, etc.  Also, Europe wants ALL electronics (I-Pad, Kindle, phones, cameras, etc.) in the bin. I had them in their own bag in my  huge purse so I could take them out easily.  After security in Prague you have to do it again in Amsterdam.  My hip always sets off the machine so I am used to the pat down each and every time.

Our flights were uneventful and we slept some, read, watched TV and movies, listened to music and including a two hour layover in Amsterdam arrived home safely some 12 hours later.  Our passports were checked as we left the plane (new), down the hall we had to put pur passports in a machine, confirm the info and look into the camera to receive a printed paper complete with photo (new).  This was presented to Immigration that compared all the info and stamped the paper, not the passport.  We  waited quite awhile for baggage which we took through Customs quickly and finally hooked up with Terry for our ride home.  Our passports are our fourth ones and new this year.  Now we have 9 stamps already!

I did three loads of laundry, ate a salad and tried to stay awake watching our recorded shows but by 8:00 I was falling asleep and went to bed.  A 7 hour time difference and a long travel day wears you out. 

I will do the photo blogs next.  Here are two photos sent by our program director.  The first is our Home Hosted Visit in Vucavar, Croatia and the second is our whole group at St. Sava's Cathedral in Belgrade, Serbia.

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