Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Second Set of Photos

We spent a day on the river going through Iron Gates I and II to reach Belgrade, Serbia.  The narrow part of the Danube through lovely gorges was so peaceful and relaxing.

We visited Kalemegdan garden and castle the next day in Belgrade.  The Natural History Museum is located there and their current show is Dinosaurs.  This city was an important east-west trade route between western Europe and the Middle East.  To this day, that makes it a "bump in the road to everywhere" and can cause major problems for it.  They are now emerging from many years of repressive rule.

A Big Bertha on display at the fort.

Cannon balls embedded in the fort wall.

Lovely view of the Sava and Danube Rivers confluence.

Keith's contribution to our competition - getting a local to wear your name tag.

More communism architecture - grey, concrete apartment buildings.  They were not allowed to paint them.

 More apartments to live in when the government confiscated your property.

It is about all we saw in family living options.

Keith offered to "hug a statue" for our competition.  This photo was the hit of all the slideshows!!

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