Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Can't Get Turned Around

I am still falling asleep around 8 pm and getting up at 4 or 5 am.  Coming west is supposed to be easier than going east but for some reason this time it isn't working.  By the time I am on track I will be heading two hours west to LAX to start another trip!  I may become best friends with the early, early breakfast crew!

I did all the laundry the first day and my clothes are laid out on the bed ready for packing.  I went through the mail and have all that in order.  I filled out my GCT questionnaire and told them I was unhappy with KLM, did not appreciate confronting a young man who had walked onto our open bus in a rest area when the driver is supposed to stay with the bus or lock it.  It wasn't their fault but the late wake up call in Prague could have caused a problem for the travelers scheduled to go to the airport with us.  Other than that the trip was terrific, the food fabulous and our Program Director excellent.  If you don't let them know about the "bumps" they can't fix them.

I received a new roster for bunco and had some work to do on that.  We have a place to fill but several people are interested so that will be taken care of soon.  Everyone has the new info and we are good   through June 2015.

I did lose a day somewhere.  Wednesday night is Happy Hour with friends and I was amazed when on Thursday morning Ted told me I couldn't go because it was the night before!  I also received an email saying Canasta is at my house on Monday.  Sure enough I have Canasta written on my calendar but no indication it was here!  Not a problem though.  I am sure I signed up and just didn't add that info to the recurring Canasta date that gets entered automatically.

Should I be getting worried?  Am I getting forgetful or running on overload?  

Thursday we went to Sam's for paper products and I got most of what I need for Canasta.  Yesterday we hit the post office with a box of new baby clothes I purchased at the thrift shop where I volunteer.  My niece in Indiana has 3 kids and will have six grandchildren under 3.5 years old by January.  Twin girls were born last week.  A boy is coming in October and another girl in January.  I told her to give out the clothes based on sex, size and season.  We get lots of baby clothes at the thrift store with tags still in them.  A $20 Nike 3T shirt was $1.99.  In our family, someone can always use these things.  Jameson and Lilly already have some things I sent previously and enjoy Aunt Donna's boxes.

After the post office we ate at Sweet Tomatoes.  We came home and I stayed up until 9 but was snoozing on the couch before then.  I made it to 5 am this morning.  We have Tucker this week and he gets confused trying to decide if he should stay in bed with Ted or follow me to the family room!

Things gear up again next week.  I have commitments to accomplish before we head out again.

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