Monday, September 15, 2014

Prayers Answered

We passed 9/11 with no problems thank goodness.  But we must remain vigilant.  The world is a scary place.  Just to be on the safe side I did not go to the mall after lunch with my neighbors.  

We had another new neighbor join us.  She is leasing in our neighborhood and waiting for a house to go up for sale.  Things are selling immediately around here and it is difficult to get in on the bidding quickly enough.  The house next to us sold the first day $20,000 over the asking price.  Too bad we are not looking to move right now!

Friday we met Tommy and Susan for a late lunch to get caught up.  They had some difficulty with their motorhome on a trip to Colorado and told us of their Plan B to be sure they would be able to attend the wedding in Denver after getting stuck in Amarillo.  They made and cancelled several air, hotel, car reservations to be on the safe side.  It all worked out and they were able to travel on in the motorhome.  The joys of RVing.

Our card group was down to just four couples Saturday night.  After church we joined the others for an early night of Shanghai.  When we finished, the guys watched football while we gals talked about daycare since two of the others are actively investigating local businesses for their grandchildren.  Not a subject I am well versed in.

I used my time Sunday to get all the laundry done.  Then I put my shoes and jewelry together with the clothes I have ready for packing.  I printed our electronic documents and our baggage tags.  I put a roll of tape with the tags so we can tape them on when we pick them up in LAX.  I don't think paper tags would travel well with all the tossing around so we will just wait.  We do want the bags to end up in our cabin on Deck 9!

We started up the bunco group again after a two month hiatus.  We were short a player and still had three subs.  There is a spot to be filled so we are giving everyone interested a chance to play so when we offer the spot to someone the lady will know if she wants to join us.  Not everyone clicks so we do our best to get folks that will enjoy the group.  I did not win.  : (

When I came home I went to get my hair cut.  It was getting so long on my neck I actually had to use the curling iron to keep it from sticking out like two wayward clumps.  I will get it colored and highlighted before we leave next week.  I have to stay on top of things to keep the flying monkeys in check!

Tuesday I was asked to sub at Canasta in the morning at the country club.  We had lunch afterwards.  Again, I did not win.  : (.  But I came home to a new cleaning crew and they impressed the heck out of me.  The house really needed a good going over because it has not been thoroughly cleaned in so long (sorry Chris!) and getting a lick and promise from me every now and then.  My hip works great except for getting down and crawling around.  Climbing isn't advisable either.  Ted yells at me all the time when I drag chairs over to use.  It will be nice having things all clean and shiny.

I shopped for shoes for the trip since I tossed several pairs recently.  My bunion is getting more and more bothersome.  It doesn't hurt but finding shoes is getting more difficult.  Everyone I know who has had one removed say they wouldn't do it again.  Any advice?

Our monthly Newcomers luncheon, this time with a fashion show, occurred on Thursday.  I usually don't go but Irene and Carol were both models so I went and was glad I did.  There were 150 ladies in attendance and I saw lots of friends.  It rained cats and dogs all morning and made it difficult to arrive looking presentable!  I managed with an umbrella and a ride on a golf cart from the parking lot.  Irene arranged for us to sit at the models' table so we had good seats.

We had our awards meeting for Junior Forum on Friday.  I was assigned coordinating the "fruit" people.  There are also casserole and bread people.  I arranged for blueberries, mango, peaches, melons and grapes to go with the sweet breads, muffins and breakfast casseroles from the others.  I was proud to be recognized for 100 service and support hours for last year.  

The last weekend in March is going to be busy.  At the luncheon Thursday they announced a 35 year anniversary party on that Sunday for Newcomers and at my Friday meeting they announced our annual Gala being on that last Saturday in March.  Two dinner and dancing events in one weekend?  I may get some push back from Ted!  

Last night we saw Guys and Dolls at the community theater after having dinner with Gerre and Barry where Gerre and I exchanged birthday gifts. Having to take the Czech lead crystal piece out of my luggage each time at security, I didn't want to take it through one more time going to LAX!  Ted, Gerre and I will all celebrate birthdays in one week's time on the ship.

The play was terrific and the voices of the four lead stars were outstanding.  They all did an excellent job.  The weekend after we return it will be time for the next show.  They have a great line up this year.  We always miss January and July but we give those tickets away and still feel seeing the other five makes it worthwhile being a season ticket holder.

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