Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Nothing much to report here.  Ted went to Dallas last week on business and I worked at a huge funeral luncheon at church.  I did my Christmas shopping, some at the mall and some on the computer, and as soon as two packages arrive I can pack it all up and send it off and I'm done!   I made our Christmas cards using and they will mail them out in about two weeks.  Decorations will be minimal.  Only Tom and Eileen will be here and she is on the same page with me on decorating.

It turned very cold and rainy for several days and I just stayed home doing laundry and stuff.  I don't think I left the house for three straight days at one point.  That may be a record.  Today dawned with blue sky and sunshine but in the 30s!  Enough is enough.  We are due to get our 70s back by next week thank goodness.

I am making a pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes to take to Irene's tomorrow.  We are playing cards after dinner and we may try to get into Ulta after 8 pm for some hair care products on sale.  I won't fight crowds so if it is too busy, I will just skip it.

I have a busy schedule next week and Ted has to return to Dallas.  Hopefully, we will have a more exciting post next time.

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