Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Week's Vacation

We knew we would be coming and going this week but that didn't detract from our week with Tommy and Susan and the Dallas HitchHikers.  The ladies were attending classes at the quilt show and Susan was working so there was plenty of time to do whatever. 

I made chicken soup for dinner on Wednesday while Ted was gone and we shared it with Tommy and Susan.  We ate inside because everything outside was wet from the rain.  Ted was tired after getting up two days in a row at 5 am so it was an early night.

Thursday was the start of the rally and we had breakfast in the rally room at 9.  It was my day to play Shanghai so at noon I headed there.  And I won, coming in second.  I hurried home because there was a potluck at 5:30 and I had sweet potatoes to bake.  There is always too much food but it is always really good.  The gals taught me a new card game, 2500.  Now I will have to teach the others I play cards with.  I don't know how I did that first time playing but I know I didn't win.

Friday we attended church after spending 45 minutes in traffic for a 10 minute trip.  Apparently there was a wreck at the interchange we had to go through.  Ted made a pulled pork shoulder and we ate lunch outside with Tommy and Susan.  At 5:30 we had to meet the other group at the Mexican restaurant.  I wasn't the least bit hungry but they sent one of the fellows to tell us they had arrived from downtown and to come over, so we went.  I ordered a half quesadilla from the appetizer menu and managed to eat that.  We gathered in the rally room afterwards until it started to rain again when everyone headed home.  

Today we were invited to lunch at Tommy and Susan's for taco soup.  Our friends Dee and Ricky came by and ate with us but couldn't stay long.  Then Tommy decided we needed to go look at motorhomes!  They certainly are beautiful but just don't have the warmth and coziness of our 5th wheel.  I think we have one more unit in our future but I'm not sure just when or what it will be.

We tried to see Rita and Jim's new Mobile Suites but they were out and about somewhere.  So we stopped at Judy and Warren's to talk to them about the Mobile Suites they are picking up in February.  HitchHiker is out of production and Mobile Suites or Excel top our list.  But like I said, we have no timetable for replacing our 2008 HitchHiker.

We returned and watched college football until 6 pm when we met the group again at a local historic restaurant.  We came back and played cards. This time I came in second.  Not bad for only my second time.

We went to church at 7:30 Sunday morning since our bodies believed it was 8:30.  Fall back is a lot easier than spring forward.  We decided to stay one extra day because Ted had the RV washed and waxed by a company.  Also there was a Welcome Back Winter Texans party in the afternoon.  Once the washing was underway, Ted left to shoot and I called the kids and then took a nap.

We attended the gathering to welcome back all those who call this place home during the winter.  Of course we are friends with many of them.  We had an opportunity to talk with Gwen the owner.  It seems she was given the impression we were going to buy a motorhome!   That Tommy!!

We did get to see Rita and Jim's rig.  We toured the Mobile Suites factory in Howe, IN in 2009.  Ted was impressed with the fit and finish at that time.  I guess you'll know when we know if we are going to bite the bullet one more time.  I at least wrote the check for this one without getting a sick migraine!

We head home tomorrow.  I think the RV will stay put until December but then who knows what could come up?

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Carol said...

Oh my! Another unit? It just seems like yesterday that you got the new HitchHiker. Will look forward to seeing the unit WHEN you get it (whenever that might be).