Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just Coasting 'Til Christmas

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at Irene and John's.  John's son and his family were there as well as another couple, Wayne and Pam, that we are friends with.  The 11 of us enjoyed a terrific meal and then the adults played cards.  Ted was with three women, I was with three men!  Not sure how that happened.  Anyway, I had terrific cards, got a Shanghai on the last hand and won with just 8 points for the entire set.

We stopped at Ulta on the way home and bought the sale items.  It was a long wait to check out but parking and crowds were no problem.

We joined Sherida, John, Gerre and Barry for dinner prior to seeing the play It's A Wonderful Life on Friday evening.  We learned this classic did not become popular as a holiday movie until the early 70s.  We all thought it was an instant Christmas hit.  Not so.

Our weather has improved and we are back in the 70s but another storm is heading this way and cold temps and wintry mix north of us is predicted for the weekend.  Then things warm up again.  Crazy weather!

I did my minimal decorating- sideboard in the breakfast area, front porch and my Texas Christmas tree.  That's it folks!  Chris will be back in residence as we head out 12/27 and putting decorations away before I go just isn't on my radar!  The stable was made circa 1930 by my grandfather out of a wooden Werk's Tag Soap box.  The tree was a departing gift from my best friend when we left Florida for Texas.  

Ted headed back to Dallas and I finished up packing the boxes that need to be shipped.  I need one more box and thought I could use the one I was expecting from UPS yesterday, but it never arrived.  Their records indicate it was delivered just before 7:00 last night but we were both home, the doorbell did not ring and there is no box!  I sent an email to Customer Service so we will see what today brings. 

I did work the Senior's Christmas luncheon yesterday.  About 200 were in attendance.  I always see our old friend Joanne who attends.  She and her husband were camping friends until he had a stroke.  She is now walking with a cane.  They played bingo, had lunch and were entertained by a singer.  He had a thick Cajun accent and a bad sound system which made hearing difficult.  He was having a hard time getting the audience to sing along because they couldn't understand him.  We all decided to form a chorus line to sing and dance to help him out which the audience enjoyed very much.  I never knew I could follow so many impromptu dance steps!  What a fun time we all had.  

I brought home a dozen tablecloths that are all laundered and on hangers ready to go back already.  Tonight is our holiday party and I will hand off the tablecloths to Linda so they have them for next time.  After the party I will load up half the donated toys for delivery tomorrow to the Assistance Ministries.  Sandy and I are both working at the nursing home in the morning and will leave from there to deliver the toys.  

By Friday I will be ready to put my feet up.  I am just hoping that box shows up and I can use it to mail that one last gift box!

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Carol said...

That doesn't sound like coasting to me - but you are always so busy - you amaze me! Hope that you stay warm as we hear that this latest weather front is going to be really cold!