Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bob Jackson Show and Heading Home

After the shower on Saturday, we all went down to Disney to the Port Orleans Resort.  There are two sides, French Quarter and Riverside, but we were headed to the Roost River Lounge in the Riverside portion.  Bob Jackson has two shows and we wanted to get a good location for his 8:30 show.  We took three tables in the front and then had a drink.  Some went to the food court and brought their purchases back, others ordered from the somewhat limited appetizer menu in the lounge.  I was not hungry and just had my one glass of Riesling.

A bit before the show Bob came out to meet his audience.  He picked up on our two engaged couples Larry & Kristin and Bill & Kara, but somewhere along the way they became Mike and Tara!  He remembered Ted and "the two girls from Michigan" Cassie and Ally.

His show is ragtime piano playing and audience participation.  He would invite people up and then call for Larry & Kristin, Mike & Tara, the girls from Michigan to come up to join him.  I don't think he did one participation portion without inviting them all up.  Poor Larry even got a part where he had to run up and down in front of the bar for some reason, holding his fingers around his eyes like binoculars.

The show was an hour and a half and the most fun we have had in a long time.  We all joined in doing the hokey pokey, conga line, YMCA, Rockettes kicking line up, etc.  Bob is one heck of an entertainer.

I would recommend this show to anyone visiting Disney.  It is family friendly and fun for young and old alike.  There is no cover charge and prices are not bad.  My glass of Riesling was $9, in line with the standard Disney upcharge for what you get.  But it was worth it!!!

Bob with Ally looking on.

Bill, Kara and Cassie turning themselves around during the Hokey Pokey.

Larry getting ready for his "binocular run."

Kristin, Cassie, Kara, Ally, Me, Sheetal getting ready to do the famous Rockette kick.  Right!

Ted, Larry and Bill doing YMCA

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