Friday, October 5, 2012

My 67th Birthday

Ted worked Friday and Sunday at the gun club and then left for San Antonio on Monday for The World Skeet Shoot so I had a lot of time to myself ... and that ain't all bad!

I took the opportunity to evaluate what I was taking on our trip. We will go from cool/cold, possible rain in Rome to hopefully the sunshine and balmy breezes of the Bahamas and everything in between. With no self-service laundry available and 22 days staring at me, I figured a little pre-emptive planning was in order.

On Tuesday I played cards and Shang Hai'd. That is laying your whole hand down in the proper configuration using all cards with no discard.  It is only the second time I have done that this year. I was ahead for five games but got caught with several face cards on the last hand and ended up in second place.

My friend Gerre's birthday is the day before mine so we went out to dinner since both husbands were out of town. It is so much fun stretching celebrations out over several days.

I spent the morning of my birthday working at Regent Care Nursing Home. A mother and her six children are a performing group and they entertained everyone. It is so much fun to watch the residents join in singing lyrics of songs from way back when. I took Jacqueline's hand and swung it to the Tennessee Waltz and she didn't want to let go. I sing terrible but she was loving every minute. And I played Name That Tune with another lady who "knew that song" but just couldn't place most of them. She was delighted when I would identify tunes such as Bye Bye Blues and Simple Melody. After the performance the children were so polite and went around and greeted all the folks before they left. What fine young people.  David, a gentleman at my table played his harmonica during the performance.  The children complimented and thanked him when I'm sure they would just as soon he hadn't done it. 

From there I picked up Carol and she treated me to a wonderful lunch at the new New Orleans Kitchen restaurant. Then we shopped for a bit before I took her home.

Ted offered to take me to dinner but I wasn't hungry. I so enjoyed all the birthday greetings sent to me from far and wide. All in all, it was a great day.

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Carol @arewethereyet said...

So glad you had a great day - even if you let Ted "off the Hook" - I think he still owes you a nice dinner out - but then again you do have that fabulous trip to look forward to.
Hugs -