Friday, September 28, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar (or 65 cents after taxes)

Ted and I attended Wind Down Friday night and saw lots of people we hadn't seen since last Spring.  I made some mini ham/cheese cups and they were all eaten so I guess that's a good sign.  By Saturday I was ready for dinner out and Terry called and asked us if we wanted to go after church so we did.  All of us get so busy that we hardly have time to get caught up with each other and about family.  We had a very nice evening.

Monday I subbed in a Mexican Train group at Suzy's house.  She is my Junior Forum "Cupcake," the name given to this year's Provisionals.  She is doing a wonderful job and enjoying the organization as much as I am.  Of course she is making friends from her class and it was a delight to meet them.  I came in third overall in Mexican Train so I guess my games while out camping have taught me well.

It was back to the thrift shop to work four hours on Tuesday.  We have two new members to our families (one Ted's side, one mine) and one baby is so small that NB and Preemie clothes are dwarfing her.  We got in a lot of excellent condition and new baby clothes, some of which were NB and 0-3 months.  So I bought a dozen to send back to Ohio for Lily. 

They had us all dress in something we had purchased there so I took my Chico's brand new denim jacket I had bought last year.  I have no idea just where the photo will be used.  It was fun getting everyone dressed.  Then I forgot to take my jacket and fretted once I got home and realized it.  I was afraid they would resell it!

The gal who runs the shop is named Donna, the gal I work under for Junior Forum is named Donna and then there's yours truly.  Donna #2 gave me Donna #1's phone number and she found my jacket.  Donna #2 took it home and I picked it up yesterday after Canasta.  So that's the answer!  It takes 3 Donnas to get a jacket to the rightful owner.

I got my nails done on Wednesday and played Canasta on Thursday.  I lost each game at my table and then 3 of my 4 partners all won!  My score was dead in the middle.  I'm still scratching my head over that one.  I started a Wild Card Canasta really late in one of the games because so many wild cards were still out.  My partner Kathleen drew the last two cards, both of which were wild and we made our Wild Card Canasta!  She thought I was crazy starting it so late but I figured "no guts, no glory" and it worked.  I'd be eating crow today if it hadn't.

Yesterday was also Ted's birthday.  He heard from all the kids, received many cards and I ordered a bike rack for the back of the trailer (that has a receiver) so he can take his bike to the valley.  They have wonderful wide asphalt walks that you can ride on for miles and miles.  I know he'll enjoy riding there this winter.

He is working at the gun club for a First Responders outing this weekend.  He helps out the owner and in turn receives free rounds of shooting.  However, I know he enjoys himself immensely at these affairs and would do it even if there wasn't that small reward.  He checks that everyone is handling the gun safely, pulls the targets, keeps score and probably has to load birds in the houses from time to time.  It's a fun day for him.

We are meeting Barry and Gerre tonight for dinner and to see their new pool, patio and outdoor kitchen that is nearing completion.  I have seen some of it but Ted has not.  The pictures look awesome. 

“Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” ~ Vince Lombardi

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