Saturday, October 27, 2012

Arrivederci !!

We will see you after Italy, France, Spain, Canary Islands, Bahamas and then home. There are 34 in our group. Six are already in Europe, 19 depart Texas at 7:00 am tomorrow and meet four more at JFK, we leave tomorrow afternoon and will meet everyone in Rome and two more arrive the next day. The last one meets us on Friday. Lots of planning went into managing a group this size from all over.

We have dinner plans with Seminarians from Texas in Rome Monday night before we start our tours on Tuesday.

After 3.5 days of tours we will board our ship for 16 days cruising along the southern coasts of France and Spain before venturing across the Atlantic.

Let's hope Hurricane Sandy doesn't cause any delays. This is a carefully orchestrated event!

Bon Voyage to my fellow travelers.

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