Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Change In Plans

We have been enjoying all our HitchHiker friends in these beautiful surroundings. We meet people out and about, have our Happy Hour each night and have been plugging away at our free gambling money. Ted is doing way better than me!

Last night we all ate with our vouchers at the buffet and then carpooled to Scottville to see the Clown Band for which they are famous. I was expecting 3-4 fellows but it was an entire orchestra dressed as clowns. They played so well and got the whole audience involved. We had a great time. There are You Tube videos if you Google Scottsville Clown Band.

The band has been in existence since 1947 and there were a half dozen or so original members.  This fellow was 82.

This morning we received an email telling us Ted's Aunt Eileen passed away last night. We had to make a lot of calls to switch our plans. First up, cancel the dinner in Joliet and the reservation at the casino campground. Call home and cancel participation in Canasta. Then I called Gerre and told her to invite someone to use our play tickets and accompany them.

Once we received funeral plans we determined we can leave here as planned and take two days to drive the 450 miles back to Cincinnati.

To add more drama to the day, Ted dropped a plastic lid in the fuel filler neck on the truck. Ford said it wouldn't hurt anything in the tank but when he tried to fill it, the pump kept shutting off so he knew it was stuck in the neck. He planned to take it to the dealer tomorrow.

I wondered if we could shove it into the tank without hurting anything so I laid under the truck. There was a sleeve clamped in two places attaching the filler hose to the filler part of the tank. I told him to get a screwdriver, take off the clamps and drop the hose, fish out the lid and then put it back together. He did that and it worked! I told him my fee was $1 but I needed another $99 for telling him what to do. He took a lot of ribbing from all the fellows!

With all our plans in place and the truck situation handled, we joined the group to watch the sunset over Lake Michigan. It was beautiful and we all stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home.

I attended water aerobics this morning and plan to go tomorrow. We have a goodbye luncheon and a last Happy Hour later in the day. Everyone is pulling out Friday so there will be preparations by all in the evening.

It's been a good week but that black cloud just refuses to leave us for too long.

Rest in peace, Eileen. You are together again with Grandma and Grandpa as well as Margaret, Mary, Helen, Agnes, Betty, Ann, Bill and Jack. I know the bagpipes are playing Danny Boy.

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