Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yeah! Full Hook Ups!!

We have arrived in Manistee for our HitchHiker rally.  This town is located right on the shores of Lake Michigan.  We are in the casino campground with 50 amp electric, water and sewer.  Plus we have cable TV and wifi.  The lap of luxury.

We drove to Harrison, MI on Sunday and got tucked into a wooded site. That was our last stop without a sewer hook up (11 weeks in all) but we did have a water hook up. We did four weeks using our storage tank and pump for water over the summer. It was almost like camping!

Monday we did laundry and called John and Dianna. They are at their summer home here and were bummed we went to the campground instead of staying in their yard where they have two RV sites. We didn't know for sure if they were even in town. They invited us over for Tuesday and we made plans to go to dinner and stop at the Moose Lodge which is exactly what we did. I just loved sitting in their sunroom watching all the hummingbirds. We had a nice visit and Dianna invited us for dinner on Thursday but we planned to go to Houghton Lake for the day. After hugs and handshakes we told them goodbye and we would see then in the valley in January.

Wednesday was gorgeous and we drove to Dow Gardens after attending Mass in the morning. As luck would have it, there was a "concert" starting just as we arrived so we took a seat and stayed for the entire performance along with many others.

Afterwards we walked the gardens for an hour and a half, admiring the beauty. I will just share my photos and you can see for yourself. It really is a lovely place.

This was called Sun Bridge.  I loved the reflection it made in the water.

Thursday was cool and rainy but we drove to Houghton Lake anyway. It is an "up north" resort town and we found a nice campground for future reference. After lunch at a place Dianna and John recommended, we did our grocery shopping and came back home.

Today's weather has been spectacular.  We haven't used our A/C for the past week and don't expect to need it this week either.

We are awaiting word from Bob regarding a stop in Joliet for a visit.  If he and Lorraine are not available, we'll just drive a bit further into Illinois next Friday as we round the bend and head for home.

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