Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Have Moved On

I haven't mentioned the movie being shot in Oakland County by Richard Armitage who stars in "The Hobbit." There is a school on one of the unpaved roads we take. First we saw big cranes and school buses. Next day was a wrecked bus and I thought a crane had fallen on it.

There were signs with UTP directing people to our park. We asked and they told us a tornado movie was being shot at the school and the extras were parking in a field at the park. There were hundreds of cars every day they were shooting.

Last time we drove by the school there were wrecked cars, trucks, guardrails wrapped around poles and huge fans. I never got a photo because the school sits on a small knoll and the driveways were being guarded day and night. I don't keep up with movies but I will try to find this one when it is named. So much for our recent excitement!

After a total of six weeks at Addison Oaks (split four and two) we left this morning for Harrison, MI. Friends from the Rio Grande Valley park we stay at live here but we didn't even call yet to see if they are around. It is half way to Manistee and seemed like a good place to set up shop for the week.

Kara was feeling better and on Thursday I drove her to get the kids' school shoes. We had lunch at Olive Garden and Ted took Sam to a doctor appointment because Kara had an appointment later too. When Allen arrived home we headed back to the campground.

Friday was free so we went to the grocery. Thank God for the Olympics.
It filled a lot of hours for us this year.

Kara came out with the kids Saturday and we all met up with Kelly and family at St. Clements in Romeo for church. Then the nine of us went to dinner at the Romeo Diner. We are going to miss that place.

Just maybe we will do some fun things this week. Dow Gardens is on my radar and I will just have to read up to see what else is in the area.

I have been getting emails from home as things get back into full swing. I have Canasta the day after we get back. The next day our season tickets start at the Owens Theater in Conroe. We will be seeing "The King and I" with Gerre and Barry.

And it will be back to our normal routine ... for two months anyway!

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