Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching Up

We took our company to the airport after one last look at two western stores for a shirt for Cindy. Everything has been picked clean because of the rodeo and she went home empty handed. We arrived at the airport with no problems and they flew home without incident. The ironic thing is it was 66 when they left here and 86 when they arrived back home! They missed the best early spring weather ever in Indiana.

It wasn't but a day or two and we received an e-mail telling us they are all set up to spend a week next February with us in the valley. They have a casita reserved in the park we stay in, airplane tickets and a rental car. I think Karen and Ron are going to come too. Sweet!

I spent Wednesday getting my desk cleared off and Thursday doing laundry. Rebecca cleaned on Friday so we were all back in order very quickly. I attended a Junior Forum meeting on Friday. It required me to get up very early because I had to take a brunch item to serve. Our big gala is next weekend so the meeting was longer than usual as the gals made their pitch about the auction items. There is a raffle for a trip to Hawaii and three different auctions - silent, Big Board and live. There are some great travel opportunities on the Big Board - a week at a house for eight in Colorado, a week for six in Destin, FL, a "yachting" cruise (value $14,000!), jewelry, etc. It will be an exciting night. The theme is Diamonds Are Forever and we are to wear our "bling." I have bling on my shoes, my belt, my necklace, my bracelet, my earrings and my jacket! It will be fun to see everyone all dressed up.

Ted's shooting buddies were all in San Antonio this weekend so he went to a different gun club to shoot. Later we went to church and then to sub at bunco for a couple from church. This group is a mixture of younger folks with kids at home and a few older couples mixed in. Our neighbors who attend our church were also there. It was a fun night but I didn't win. I did somehow end up in charge of dispensing the winnings since Jeff was not there. First we had too much money because a husband and wife had both put in money, there wasn't enough change, there was a tie for most buncos, we had to determine who had the bunco baby about four people back and everyone kept moving my sheets around as I tried to figure this all out! It all worked out in the end. We're due to sub again in April and I'll just let Jeff deal with the money. I'm not at all sure how I ended up with it other than I do it for my own group.

Today we met Tommy and Susan for lunch at Sawgrass Steakhouse. They have been unable to use their motorhome because Susan's mother has been ill and is in a rehab facility. They need to stay close to home. Tommy brought along his IPad to convince me and Ted that we need one. We had been thinking about a new laptop and after talking to our granddaughter Ally, and being able to see her while we talked, we were convinced an I-Pad would fill the bill.

So off we went to the mall. We stopped at Dillard's where Ted bought some shirts and sleep shorts and I bought an undergarment I needed. Then we went to Apple and our lunch turned into an expensive outing. From there we went to Best Buy to get the type of cover we wanted. Now I'm messing with it and learning how to use it. I have both e-mail accounts set up. I can FaceTalk with those set up for that. I can find my house on the Map App. Right now I'm working on Skype! Wish me luck.

"To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer." ~ Paul Ehrlich.

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Kristin said...

Cool! Glad you were able to see Lally Lula on her iPad. I am sure you will like it!