Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On This Date - Nothing Much Happened

I meant it when I said we had a quiet weekend planned. We went to church Saturday at 5 o'clock, came home and ate a bowl of chili and watched Taxi Driver on TV. I'm not sure why this is a "classic" or how Jody Foster got her career off the ground with it. But that's just me!

On Sunday Ted fixed lunch for his shooting buddies and took it all to the gun club. They couldn't even shoot because of the weather but they must have enjoyed the food because he was gone a few hours. It was raining cats and dogs most of the day and I stayed in and worked on my family tree.

By Monday the weather had cleared and I played Canasta in the afternoon. I came in third but should have had second. Cathy and I went out, forgetting we had 4 of the red 3's and the other 2 were still in the very small pile. When we checked, I would have drawn them both, giving us 1600 points instead of the 400 we got. Cathy won either way, but I would have been second instead of third. Live and learn.

In my absence Ted smoked a 13# brisket. The house still smells like it today. We have two trays ready to share with our company.

Today I did laundry, got my hair cut and colored and had a manicure. Then I picked up the dry cleaning. I'm waiting for Gerre to call because we are going to dinner while Ted is shooting.

Tomorrow Cindy and Tim arrive around 8 a.m. We'll be up early to get to the airport in time to get them. Later in the day we're going to the Houston Rodeo. It may be a few days before I get to write again, but I'll have good info on the bull riding when I do.

"Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction."- Anonymous, but probably a smart cowboy.

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