Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Grass Growing Under Our Feet

We left Victoria around 8 o'clock Saturday and were home by 11. We have finally mastered the back roads. We drive up out of the valley and then continue north, staying west of Houston. We've tried several different ways and now we have the best route down. We can make it a one day trip if we have to but Ted prefers to stop after a couple hours on the road when we have the time.

It took two trips with the truck to get everything home. First was all our clothes, laundry and items that needed to be brought back. Second was the pantry items, refrigerator and frozen foods.

We keep lots in the RV but it will sit until May now and I don't want to need something and it's in the trailer (happens all the time!) or encourage bugs. You would be amazed how quickly two truckloads of "stuff" can mess up a neat and tidy house.

Chris took one look and opted to head for home, leaving his stuff and promising to come back on Monday. He is rather shy and prefers to stay only when we're out of the picture.

I put groceries away first, started the laundry, sorted the mail, finished our taxes because the last two items I needed were in the mail and started putting everything else away. We did make it to church at 5 o'clock and surprised Terry & Carol. They were going out afterwards and we headed home to keep plugging away.

Ted went shooting on Sunday and I finished up the laundry, did a little ironing and packed for Florida.

Our flights over were uneventful and Ted was able to fly First Class with his Silver Status upgrade. He always offers to let me sit up there but he needs the room, not me. I had comfortable aisle seats and both segments were short flights.

We checked into the Hampton Inn (Note to self while sitting here: Do not take the room next to the exercise room! - thump, thump, thump).

Laurie, Dad and Edna were waiting for us and it was so good to see them. Their health has been a challenge this past year and God bless Laurie for being there for them all the time. We had a nice visit and then took them to Cracker Barrel for dinner. It is a struggle for them to go out but they made the effort, ate well and we appreciated being with them.

Today I'll go back while Ted visits the newspaper and takes Richard to lunch. His contacts in the industry still come in handy at times. When he is finished, we'll head to Orlando.

If God had really intended men to fly, he'd make it easier to get to the airport. ~ George Winters

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