Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Knew I Would Hate Myself

I said when I decorated a bit for Christmas that I would hate myself on January 2. Well I hated myself today on January 5. Everything is down but some is still sitting in the garage waiting to be put upstairs in the attic. While it is semi cleared out, I want to go up and get rid of a few things before I put everything back up there again. As Scarlett O'Hara said "tomorrow is another day."

I was busy Monday night tending to Ted's very sore neck and shoulder muscle. I think he had a spasm from driving for so long and he had a big knot. Using Flexall, aspirin and a heating ring, we finally got it to loosen up. Each day it got a bit better and he is fine now.

I played Shang Hai on Tuesday and even though Gerre and I were at the same table and did lousy, we had a lot of fun with Jan and Monica. We laughed and laughed the whole time. That evening I had another dentist appointment and he said we are two away from being finished. Hooray! I was supposed to stop at the funeral home for a viewing of one of the Newcomer lady's husband but I simply forgot and came on home.

Wednesday morning I did remember to send the dozen chicken salad sandwiches I made over to church for the funeral luncheon. I was unable to attend the Mass or help out because we had Book Smart play practice. It was a dress rehearsal and the last one before our first performance on January 12. I did great on the music but switched my last two lines while playing Dwayne. This learning two parts is nerve wracking. I wasn't alone and one gal was still using the script so I didn't feel too bad. I need to zero in on the Narrator to get the right line at the right time.

We brought a ham bone home all the way from Michigan because Kara was going to throw it away! There was a ton of ham left on it so we just put it in our cooler with ice. I made a pot of bean soup and we had it two nights for dinner with cornbread. It was mighty tasty.

Today was Continental Breakfast and since I'm one of the Activity Chairs I have to show up on occasion. My best estimate is that I won't be able to attend again until September so I thought it best to show my face. Afterwards I drove to the mall to exchange a top and ended up buying two pairs of slacks. There are still some good bargains out there.

Tucker is with us tonight and will be until Sunday. He's all curled up on the recliner love seat with Ted. He usually likes me best but he's really warming up to Ted who takes him out all the time and for walks.

My former boss at Hoechst Celanese in Michigan and his wife and son are coming for dinner Saturday night while they are in town. It will be good to see them. Ted's shooting league banquet is on Sunday. He is preparing the pulled pork and brisket for it. Both of us in the kitchen at one time might be pushing the envelope just a bit! I'll let you know how we make out next time.

If the shelves are dusty and the pots don't shine, it's because I have better things to do with my time. ~ Author Unknown

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