Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Broke A Leg!

Not really, I just didn't blow any of my lines as Dwayne. The only mishap was Bubba put my bolo tie on with the medallion facing in instead of out but I don't think the kids noticed. One teacher was laughing so hard I thought she was going to fall off her chair. Then we went around to seven classrooms to "autograph" the book - 120 in all! It is such a fun time for all concerned. I'm going to suggest they get shirts and hats as costumes that look like the characters in the book. I had a black cowgirl hat on and in the book the Wicked Stepdaddy does. A little boy pointed this out and I think he has a point. With so many of us working at the Thrift Shop, I'm sure we could locate a few things there or be on the watch for them for next year.

Ted ordered his new glasses and sent for his new lense to snap into his shooting glasses. I'm expecting all 25's from him with his new toy and new glasses. But Lord knows I don't need any more trophies unless he puts a shelf in his man cave to put them on. My office is plumb full.

Friday was up and out early. I had to be at the CWJF meeting by 8:15 to help set up the food. It is sign up time and most everyone comes so we have a crowd. They requested my deviled eggs so I made a couple dozen. We had everything set up, I signed up for what I need for the rest of the year, and I came back to eggs missing. People were wandering by and picking one up, then moving the others around to fill in the hole. But as more and more people did that, more plate was showing than there were eggs. By the time the crowd came up to eat and sit down for the meeting, my eggs were mostly gone already.

I came home and Ted and I went to visit our friend Owen who had been moved to hospice. We were there mid-afternoon with his wife and minister. We prayed for him with them and took our leave around 3:30. Owen passed away in the early evening. We were so glad we went to see him and didn't wait. He was a true gentleman, a military man and one h*ll of a Canasta player! Our hearts and prayers go out to Alicia and his family at this difficult time.

Friday was getting even longer for us because we were expected at Wind Down. We bought some jalapeno sauce when up at Canton Trade Days so I bought mini phyllo dough cups already made up, mixed eggs with the jalapeno sauce, filled the cups and put shredded cheese on top and popped them into the oven to bake into mini hot quiches. Quick and easy which is all I was up for. They were a hit but I caught flack because I didn't bring my deviled eggs! We had a nice visit with everyone including the host couple who are moving to Jakarta soon. So many people travel in and out of our lives in the area where we live.

We made plans to go to the campground to see Tommy and Susan on Saturday. They are there for the weekend to just have a few days away. There was a BBQ going on in the park but we had elected to go out to dinner. We took them to that new Italian place we learned about last fall. The food was excellent and we all enjoyed it. We did go to the BBQ once we got back, not to eat but to visit with the folks that we know. Then we retired to the motorhome to visit.

We had a great time and had a cup of coffee. Tommy carries decaf just for me and Ted so we have to show up now and then to keep the stock rotated. Susan used her I-Pad to send me this photo of Lexy. When we got back she was in the driver's seat and Tess was in the passenger seat just sitting there looking out as if they were ready to drive away.

This morning we went to church, Ted is shooting, I'm playing with the Family Tree looking for Ted's elusive great-great grandparents. We are going to a pizza place on the waterway with the Dining Out group tonight at 6. And tomorrow ... so far ... is still open! Laundry room here I come.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

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Kristin said...

Im sorry about your friend. What a privilege to be able to spend his last few, precious hours with him.