Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Aced It!

Sunday evening was a beautiful night on the waterway and we enjoyed what turned out to be a fresh group of people. I knew two of the ladies, had met two others recently at genealogy, but the other couples were new to me. We had enjoyable conversation, a very good pizza and shared a cannoli for dessert. Neither one of us had lunch so we were both way past hungry!

I didn't get around to my laundry but I did spend a lot of time on the computer doing family research and in-putting info I do have on over 200 people into Family Tree. I try to break up the work by looking for ancestors in between typing in descendants. I have found my great-great grandparents from my maternal great grandparents and that's exciting. After that entry the research moves to Europe and I have to upgrade my subscription to include The World. Since I have so much "regular" typing to do, I'm putting that off until I'm ready to concentrate on ancestors.

I worked at the thrift store on Tuesday and they are talking about having a small fashion show at one of our meetings wearing things people have bought from the store while working. I've picked up things for the kids but the only thing I bought for myself is a brand new jean jacket from Chico's. If I can wear the rest of my own clothes, I'd be happy to model it. We come across new stuff all the time. There is even a boutique area filled with designer clothes. I have to see what happens with this idea. It could be a lot of fun.

It was time for our evening Canasta group and Gerre and I had a hard time finding the house. The bad part is she has GPS in her car and I lived in that neighborhood at one time. We circled three times before we found the house on the opposite side of the street from where we were looking. We were in stitches by the time we arrived. I won second place and won $15 I think. Things are looking up!

We got some much needed rain on Wednesday and it was a great day to stay inside. We were supposed to take Alicia, whose husband just died, downtown but she called and said they were going to FedEx her what she needed. With the weather as bad as it was with flash flooding, we were both happy not to have to go out.

Today was my last performance at BookSmart. However, I was not Dwayne but ran the music machine. Last time I had trouble and was frantic the whole time getting the correct track ready to play at the correct time. This time I made sure the table was stable, did about three run throughs and it went off perfectly! I didn't miss one cue and there were no slip-ups. The new gal playing Dwayne missed three of her five lines and I knew how badly she felt. But the audience doesn't know and the others ad lib through it. All in all, it was our best production yet.

Tomorrow is hair color and cut day and then dinner and the play Nunsense with Gerre and Barry. They have season tickets and get two free tickets on occasion and invited us along. We saw this play in New York in the early 90s. Having gone to Catholic school K-12 with nuns doing most of the teaching, I find it a hoot. I know I'll enjoy it just as much this time. I don't remember the exact story line so much of it will be new again.

If my memory gets any worse I'll be able to hide my own Easter eggs soon.

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