Friday, January 13, 2012

Almost a Vacation Week

It's been a slow, catch up week and I almost felt like I was on vacation. Monday I played Canasta in the afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday were free days. It gave me a chance to get started on our taxes, take my new coat and slacks to the tailor for hemming, pick up mail at Rayford for Jay & Stella, take care of getting a couple prescriptions, pay our estimated tax payment, mail a package at the post office, drop off Carol's birthday gift and lots of other little things.

I had dinner with Gerre Tuesday night while Ted was shooting. Darn if I didn't lose another bracelet! I had a lovely turquoise one made summer before last and when I arrived home and started to take off my jewelry, there was no bracelet. I called the restaurant and Gerre, but no one had it. I've lost a gold nugget bracelet and a diamond tennis bracelet. Now I seldom wear one for this reason. At least I don't wear expensive ones anymore, though this was a very nice one!

Yesterday was our first play performance and I ran the music machine. Unfortunately, they set up the music stage left where the actors exit most of the time. With the cowboys stomping past me, it sent enough motion to the machine to make it keep going back to Track 10. I was frantic getting it back to the Track I needed. Normally it would go in succession but that was not to be. The only major thing I missed was the lightning bolt sound which follows the thunder sound immediately. After the thunder track it went back to 10 and I couldn't get it to 6 quick enough for the bolt. But the audience didn't seem to notice my hurried pushing of buttons and most everything else went well. Next week I'll be Dwayne.

Today Ted is having his annual surveillance endoscopy to check that the Barrett's Esophagus remains gone! We are praying, first that everything is still clear and second, just maybe he can get these done every other year instead of yearly. But it's a small price to pay for the excellent outcome he had in 2008 with the new ablative therapy he had done.

Rebecca will clean today while we are gone. She hasn't been here since the middle of December so I'll be glad to see her. Next week is a bear and I have every day on my calendar marked with at least one, and in some cases two, things I have for that day. I guess it will be time to pay the Piper for the easy week I had this week.

"You owe it to everyone you love (including yourself) to find pockets of tranquility in your busy world.” ~ Wolfdyke

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