Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Gerre & Barry came by Sunday evening to get Tucker and he was so glad to see them. All this moving around probably confused him to no end. Monday morning I was still looking for him out of habit. Gerre brought me a beautiful silver slide as a thank you present.

My jury duty was cancelled so I had the day to get some things done. I have half my Christmas cards ready and a few gifts wrapped. I also took down my Fall things on the porch and put out the Christmas ones. While I was in the attic I got down what I am going to use on the table I am decorating at the Boomers Christmas rally.

We had glass doors installed on the guest bathroom tub so we stayed close to home on Tuesday. The ceramic towel rack had to be removed and set in about an inch and a half so that necessitated the tile guy coming before the doors could be installed. While waiting, I made a cake and chicken salad sandwiches for a funeral on Wednesday. Later on Ted went shooting and I met Gerre for dinner then went to the funeral home for a prayer service for my friend Jean.

Most of the funerals I cook and serve for, I don't personally know the people. But this time it was a friend of mine from Senior Pals at church. She was one of the first people I met when we moved to Texas. Rose and I were able to slip out to receive Communion during Jean's funeral Mass but spent the rest of the time preparing the luncheon. Afterwards I had a nail appointment and completely forgot to go to Happy Hour.

Ted took our trailer to the campground Thursday morning while I attended the Continental Breakfast at 10 o'clock then moved on to the Thank You luncheon at church at 11:30. I was careful not to eat too much at either place. The first grade mothers fixed lunch for the "funeral ladies" as we are called. The children sang Christmas songs and we were each given a cardboard house filled with cookies made by all the first grade mothers. It was such a nice show of appreciation.

I stopped home, picked up the rest of my things and drove to the campground where several folks had already arrived. There are over 50 rigs coming in for the Texas Boomers Christmas Rally. After some visiting, about 40 of us went to the Mexican restaurant across the street for dinner. I only ordered two soft tacos because I felt like I had been eating all day.

Today we have to prepare the rally hall for the weekend festivities. The tables will be decorated by individuals so most of the work is bringing the food items into the kitchen. Tonight is a gathering with casual food and the start of a fun weekend. I'll take pictures and publish again after the weekend, otherwise these get too long.

Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~ Mary Ellen Chase

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