Friday, December 9, 2011

♫ It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas ♫

I had an easy day on Monday, just an appointment to confirm a Christmas gift but I was bummed when I learned it won't be here by this weekend when I need it but it will make it before Christmas. I had a chance to get caught up with the mail, the laundry done, etc.

The next day I worked four hours at the thrift shop. This is the last day I was signed up for until January when we can request our next six months of work. I will need 12 hours I think but with being gone all of February and two weeks in April, my choices are going to be limited. I may be back at the thrift shop again.

Later in the day I kept an appointment with the prosthodontist. I have a bridge that is attached to a tooth that is in bad shape. Two regular dentists have stood around wringing their hands so Kara suggested I try this route. This Saturday he will remove the bridge and on Tuesday an oral surgeon will remove the offending tooth. He doesn't feel I'm a good candidate for implants, and at $4000 each I'm relieved, so I will have to go back to a partial. I spent so many hours in the dentist chair and dollars getting that bridge that I may cry when it comes out. It was wonderful while it lasted.

It has been cool here, way below average, but that didn't stop us from enjoying a trip downtown with the Day Trekkers to visit the Sam Houston Heritage Museum. There were 22 ladies in all. We visited four of the homes: Kellum-Noble House, Nichols-Rice-Cherry House (of Rice University fame), San Felipe Cottage and the Statiti House where I took a few pictures.

I remember kitchens like this from when I was a little girl. We had this type of stove and there was no such thing as cabinets under the sink at that time. We even had the same black and white tile floor. I scrubbed it every Saturday on my hands and knees.

This original chandelier intrigued me. It is fashioned as a basket. The push button light switches are still used in this house.

Another thing we had in the house where I grew up was a sewing machine like this one. Instead of electricity, it was powered by pushing the treadle with your foot. No wonder I never learned to sew!

And of course I would never pass up an opportunity to take a picture of an antique bar of soap from Procter & Gamble where I worked from 1963-1981. Some full time, some part time depending on the babies coming.

Afterwards we had lunch in River Oaks and the food was fantastic. I had vegetable lasagna that was outstanding. Everyone raved about the food.

December 8 is a day we go to church in honor of the Virgin Mary so we started our day off at 9 o'clock Mass. The school children do all the readings and singing so it is very enjoyable to witness that. Right before noon I walked two doors down to Wanda's to our neighborhood Christmas party and luncheon. Fourteen of us gathered for our Stealing Gift Exchange and a great meal prepared by my wonderful neighbor. Everyone kept stealing my gift but I ended up with a cute ceramic Santa Claus that you can put a tea light in so I was happy.

I had to hurry home to get ready for the Junior Forum Holiday Party and dinner. I picked Peg up at 6:30 and we rode together. It's nice to see everyone in party clothes instead of the blue/white or blue/beige of our work uniforms. It was very festive, a great meal and a fun round of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Our table was "six geese a laying" and we had to pop up and use our acting skills to lay eggs! We were voted funniest table.

Peg helped me load one half of the gifts brought by everyone into my car. One half went to Interfaith and my half went to Northwest Assistance Ministries this morning.

I met Kathryn at 8 o'clock and we delivered our toys and were back home by 9:30. We took time out to pose with the hula hoop for the newsletter.

She and I had a great conversation on giving, not just through the holidays but all year long.

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