Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun, More Fun, Then Rain

We reported for duty Friday morning to help Madame Boomer take all the stuff into the rally hall. Feeding over 100 people three times in two days takes lots and lots of "stuff"! I also took the opportunity to decorate my table and one for Patrice. She didn't get to come because 10 minutes before they were to leave, a tree fell on their trailer and truck parked in front of their house. Talk about bad timing. Another one of the group had their RV broken into while in storage so they rented a cabin for the weekend. Their TVs were ripped off the walls as well as cabinets. It makes me so mad to hear of such senseless destruction of others' things.

Afterwards, Stella, Susan and I went to Wal-Mart so they could get their gift exchange presents. I didn't do much when we got back except prepare my hot dogs, chili, buns and shredded cheese for the informal get together Friday night. It's a smaller crowd because some people are still arriving and need to get set up before it gets too dark.

A Boomer donated lots of little gifts and I won a desk vacuum called Henry. It will clean your keyboard and all the crevices on your electronics that you can't reach otherwise. I can't wait to try it out.

There was food galore but we put a pretty good dent in all of it. I was in charge of that clean-up committee but our people are so neat they don't leave much for us to do except put the chairs back in place at the tables.

There was a big breakfast Saturday morning and I sure wish I knew who made the apple french toast casserole. It was yummy. Sandy asked me to call the table numbers which I gladly did. When breakfast was over, the fellows held their annual Texas Hold Em tournament and Ted won. His name will now go on the trophy and we get to keep it until next year.

Rick and Brenda came over to visit with us and some other folks and everyone was glad to see them. They weren't staying for dinner so once they left I got ready for the BIG party. Here is Don, our sound man, dressed as the Grinch ... and then he met Santa! They had to distribute all these gifts.

Every table appointed a person to choose four presents and distribute them at their table. Then everyone chose a number. Madame Boomer called different directions to various tables, various numbers until Carla eventually stole my mini-chopper from me! Bah humbug!

We had quite a crowd, delightful dinner companions and a feast fit for a king.

When the party was over we went to Tommy & Susan's motorhome for some dessert before calling it a night. This morning we went to Mass at 8 o'clock. We came home and got buttoned up to leave. But before we did that, I donated a pint of blood at the Gulf Coast Bloodmobile that the Boomers had arranged to be at the campground in honor of Barb and Bev, both of whom died recently. When I was finished, we headed home in the rain.

One more great Christmas weekend with the Texas Boomers. Our schedule next year is such that we probably won't make more than two of their outings. But I know they will always welcome us when we can make it.

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