Saturday, January 9, 2010

Now It's Even Colder!!!!!

It is 24 this morning. Yesterday it never got above freezing and our normal would be in the 60s. Enough already. We went out to look at our sprinkler pipe and there was an icicle on it. There must be a little leak there. It is wrapped in foam but we put a towel all around it. You can't find pipe insulation anywhere down here right now. The fountain in the courtyard has created a hanging icicle. They said to let it run so we are. We put drink cozies on the hose bibs over the insulation that is on them. Again, no bib covers available right now.

I kept my dermatology appointment and we're almost done with all the freezing. She hit all the spots below my chin. She always comments on how much this virus likes me. Let's hope they all stay gone now.

We all laughed at Farkle because Jacque had to deal with coats. That's something we just don't do down here. My coat closet has my vacuum cleaner and excess paper towels in it. We opted to just toss them across the sofa. Some of the girls are still learning and the scoring is different from what I play on line, so we opted not to play for money ... and then I won! Wouldn't you know it? Next month I won't come close.

Jacque offered me a cup of hot chocolate when I arrived which sounded great since it was so cold. It was awesome. I asked how she made it because it was simmering in a pot on the stove. It was Nestle's, skim milk and the secret ingredient ... Godiva Chocolate liquore (sp?). Oh my what a difference that makes. With whipped cream on top and a drizzle of chocolate syrup, it sure took away the chill ... and landed promptly on my hips!

My GYN appointment went good. The doctor told me "cool beans, see you next year." Never heard that term before but I'll take it. I've scheduled my mammogram for later this month and if that and the Pap are OK, I'm good for a year! Yippee! We've scheduled Ted's endoscopy for next week so we're closing in on all these appointments and tests.

We have no plans this weekend other than to try to stay warm. I have some running to do because I have Canasta here on Monday. I'll clean, get the food ready and the tables up on Sunday so it's ready for the 15 ladies that are coming. I don't think Ted will want to go shooting as cold as it is.

I hope wherever you are that you are warm and dry. Stay that way.

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cdm said...

Completely understand on the weather thing - I, for one, am tired of this cold. We need some warmth down here! Hope you are staying warm and congratulations on the good doctors reports. Hope they continue. Take care!