Thursday, January 7, 2010

Normalcy Returns Except for the Weather

I'm glad we came home a day earlier than planned. It gave me two days to get caught up with nothing causing me to leave the house. We had our normal "go round" with the post office. After standing in line 45 minutes Ted was told they had no mail for us. I checked our box up the street and sure enough two weeks worth of mail was shoved in there. Also in there was the sheet of paper telling the post office to hold our mail that is generated for them when you make your request on line. Every time we go away we have a problem. I'm on a personal mission to get our mail carrier removed. He's a minority and a Federal employee. Hell will probably freeze over first. But then I'm pretty sure Hell, Michigan might be frozen over right now. I'll have to find another way to express my frustration.

Our early return threw a monkey wrench into Carol's plans to come and make up all four of our beds on Monday. The clean bedclothes were sitting on the beds so I just made them up. Turns out she pulled a muscle and really needed Terry to come help her so it all turned out for the best. I'm glad the house was used while we were gone. The older kids loved it here because of the wi-fi.

I put away the few Christmas decorations I had out, found homes for our new gifts, emptied suitcases, did laundry, paid bills and got everything in order. The oranges, grapefruit and lemons are in the garage right now because it is so cold they don't need to be refrigerated.

After Breakfast Club yesterday I saw my eye doctor and he said I'm right on target and to come back in six months. My brain is still adjusting to using one eye for distance and one for close up but he said my vision is excellent. Everyone comments on seeing me with no glasses. I had worn them since I was a freshman in high school. I wore contacts off and on but hated the time it took to care for them properly and put them in and take them out. Glasses were just much easier to grab when you have three kids, a big house and a full time job. Happy hour was last night at the country club and because Ted was at the Houston Gun Club I went and had a couple glasses of wine with the girls.

Ted saw Dr. Winkelstein to schedule his first annual surveillance endoscopy. Everything done to him at Baylor and Methodist was sent to Dr. W. and he said that looking at the last pictures he would say "this guy has no issues." We hope and pray when he goes in next Thursday to look he feels the same way.

Today I have a dermatology appointment and then a new group playing Farkle is meeting at Jacque's across the highway. I try not to get committed to monthly groups but Farkle and Mexican Train can play without a set number so I'm giving them both a try. I still do my monthly bunco that I started back in 10/01 but that's my only commitment. In everything else we are subs or it is a come if you can/want sort of thing.

It was 30 here earlier in the week and they are predicting 19 over the next day or so. The wind is howling between the houses. I could hear something banging and it was the door on the breaker box that had come open. I turned off the sprinklers so they don't come on. We shouldn't complain with what the rest of the nation is going through but this is the coldest in 14 years and we certainly aren't used to it.

Stay warm.


Rick and Brenda said...

Lived in Tx. for almost 30 years and I don't remember it being such a bitter cold. Continue to stay warm.


cdm said...

I agree Donna - The weather you are getting now will be here in the day or so - I'm really getting tired of this cold weather - we are just used to this cold - that's why we are in Florida and you're in Texas - NO COLD! Glad your doctors appointments are going well - BTW, I used to play Bunco in NC all the time - miss getting together with the girls!

cdm said...

It's cold here too! I don't like it one bit either. You guys stay warm!