Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Camping Weekend

We arrived at Stephen F. Austin State Park in Sealy, TX around noon on Thursday. We parked in front of Jay and about 15 minutes later, Tommy pulled in and parked behind him. The sites here are terrific – large, with lots of space between. Trees are not located where they interfere with slides and awnings.

We spent the afternoon visiting and I baked some short cakes for dessert. Susan arrived from work and we shared a dinner of delicious vegetable soup made by Stella followed by my shortcakes covered with strawberries, blueberries and cool whip.

Our temps have been nice and it was 79 on Friday. Ted and I took a walk around the park and 17 deer ran across the road right in front of us. Tommy’s sister and brother-in-law from Chappell Hill came to visit so he cooked hot dogs with James Coney Island chili plus some burgers for everyone’s lunch.

A fellow came to Jay’s trailer because he has a big Park Host sign out front. He wanted to know if anyone knew about 5th wheels. He just picked up a new one at Camping World but could not get unhitched. Ted and Jay followed him to his site, had him put his front legs back up, chock the wheels, set the brake on the trailer, then put the truck in reverse and bump back on the hitch. Ted pulled on the release bar and voila, he was unhitched. It was apparent he wasn’t too well versed in his new rig so they spent some time with him. Then he discovered he had locked his keys in his truck! I told his wife she would laugh about all of this … a few years from now.

We all drove into Sealy to eat dinner at Tony’s Restaurant. We had a good meal and the portions were way too much. I brought home enough for my lunch on Saturday. It was too windy for a campfire so we sat outside Tommy’s motorhome until bedtime.

We had our coffee over at Jay’s Saturday morning and we had another “help” visit. This fellow needed jumper cables but Jay didn’t have any but Ted did. So off Ted went again to lend a hand. Rvers are always willing to help any way they can.

Susan’s sister and niece came for a visit and I was inside their motorhome for some time. Tommy, who is a professional photographer, came to our RV to take pictures with his fisheye camera.

We haven’t decided what we are going to do yet but it will be good to have the photos if we decide to sell. We figure we have five options: 1) do nothing; 2) add a second A/C, new sink and new recliners to our rig; 3) order a new 2010 Hitchhiker 5th wheel, 4) find a motorhome that interests us and buy that; or, 5) wait until after our summer trip to decide what we want to do and then do it. Time will tell.

Jim and LeAnne came in the afternoon to have dinner with us all. I had a box of Omaha steaks and Ted grilled them for us. Susan, Stella and I all pooled our resources and we put together another nice meal. We sat around the picnic table and laughed at all the stories. Then Jim and LeAnne came inside for a little visiting before heading back to Brenham.

We were up early Sunday and were headed into Sealy for church. Our “friend” stopped us on the way out to discuss hitching up with Ted. So Ted got out of the truck and demonstrated on our hitch. (When we came back later we saw him pulling out of the park so I guess he had no more problems.) We saw 11 deer on the way out.

After chuch we stopped for fuel at Wal-Mart and called back to the campground to see if anyone needed anything. They didn’t but told us they would meet us at Tony’s for breakfast. We arrived first and played musical tables until we had the one that suited us best. We had just settled in when the other four arrived. I can’t believe the amount of food this place gives you! For $5 you get 3 eggs, a meat, grits or hash browns, toast or biscuit (and they are 5 inch squares). I gave some of mine to Ted.

When we got back to the campground, Ted washed our truck, Jay & Stella did “restroom duty” and Tommy & Susan hooked up their Jeep to the motorhome and took off. They will be at Rayford all of February and want to get together. Ted has trips to Beaumont and Denver to get in, we plan to go to the valley for 7-10 days and then leave for Michigan 2/20. I’ll do my best to work it out because they are so much fun to be with.

Jay and Ted watched the Colts win over the Jets and Stella and I sat outside in the sunshine. For dinner Stella baked a pork loin while I baked potatoes and made fried apples. We had salad left from last night as well as some leftover cake. I baked a few cookies to go with it. It was getting chilly so we ate inside our RV and then they stayed to watch the Saints win over the Vikings. Now we have Terry’s Colts playing Bloss’ Saints in the Super Bowl. Who to root for????? If our plans work out we’ll be in the Rio Grande Valley for the Super Bowl so we’ll just enjoy the game. I’m sure no matter which park we end up in, there will be a Super Bowl Party.

I slept until 8:45 Monday morning. Something unheard of. I guess it was the walks and fresh air. I cleaned inside while Ted did his outside duties and hooked up. Jay and Stella were still at a meeting so we took a walk until they came back. We didn't want to leave without saying goodbye.

They have a few things to work out for timing and place in the valley. Once they know their schedule and spot, we'll work ours out around it. We had such a great time last year that I'm really looking forward to going with them again this year.

Unfortunately I have to attend a funeral today. Rosalie was diagnosed with cancer last August while we were still out west. It certainly didn't take long to claim her. Rest in peace, Rosalie, you were a great lady and friend to many.

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Barbara said...

Looks like you had a great site at the park. I always enjoy going to SFA, but I still miss their great swimming pool.