Friday, January 15, 2010

Giving Thanks

I have much to give thanks for this week. The most important being Ted's endoscopy results of yesterday. Last January Dr. E. told us his ablative therapy had been totally effective and Ted's esophagus was clean as a whistle. Ted was released back to Dr. W. to have a surveillance endoscopy in one year to make sure it stayed that way.

Ted had the procedure done yesterday and Dr. W., who in the beginning was not wild about the treatment path we chose, said it was a normal endoscopy. He changed his medicine to one pill a day and said to come back in a year. It was a roller coaster ride the past 2.5 years but we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Don't ever be afraid of second opinions, doing some of your own research, and disagreeing with a doctor. You need to be your own health advocate and make informed decisions along with the medical personnel. Praise God for answering my prayers.

I'm also thankful for the return of warm weather. Many plants look like cooked spinach but most will come back. I've learned many people lost their sprinkler valves but they will be fixed long before summer necessitates turning on the system. I put my flannel nightgown away (my "foul weather gear" as Ted calls it) and am enjoying the sunshine and 60 degree weather.

We are getting rain this weekend which will keep the temps down but we're not bundled up like Nanook of the North anymore.

Have a great weekend. We plan to.


Barbara said...

Wonderful news about Ted!

Anonymous said...

Great news about Ted. It's true if you have your health you have everything!

Love, Laurie