Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our First Texas Wedding

Friday was a cold, drizzly day and we had to be at church at 2 pm for our directory picture. We got dressed nicely and were on time but we were the first persons for the day and had to wait a bit while they set up. This is such a transient area and they've been taking pictures since last summer. I wonder how many families will have moved on by the time it is published.

Afterwards we went to the jewelers to pick up my newly resized rings, drop off Ted's gold chain that had broken and get new batteries in two watches. We're turning into their new best customers.

Neither of us had eaten all day because Rebecca cleaned in the morning so we missed both breakfast and lunch. We decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes. A bowl of hot soup sounded good. I think we were the best dressed in the restaurant! When we left it was after 4 pm and we still needed to stop at Sam's to get something to take to Wind Down.

The thought of walking through the drizzle in the cold into and out of Sam's, staying dressed up for another three hours until we left again, parking a distance and walking to the party because 70 people were coming just seemed like more effort than we wanted to expend. We made a U-turn, came home and were crashed on the couch by 5:30. We caught *ell from some folks for not showing up and worrying them but it just felt good to stay in.

We went to church at 5 pm on Saturday with Terry & Carol, stopped off at Chik Fil A for a bite and then headed on over to play bunco. I tied for most buncos, tied for most wins and Ted won something. We doubled our $10 to $20. Not a bad night and we always enjoy this group.

We slept in some this morning and then got ready for our FIRST Texas wedding. Our neighbors picked us up and we drove to the church where the service was held. It was lovely and very touching. Grace is 75, Jack probably a bit older. They were surrounded by children and grandchildren and made one big family.

The reception was a sit down dinner at the River Plantation Country Club and the menu was ... chicken fried chicken. What else would you serve at a Texas wedding if you weren't serving brisket? The food was very good and there were three tables of neighbors. It was an enjoyable and fun time.

I hope to walk tomorrow. We missed out Friday and Saturday because of the rain. Then four of us are taking off for Harwin. Most of the ladies won't drive to downtown Houston and I will. Also, my Expedition has plenty of room for packages, another plus. Doesn't take too much to be popular some days.

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