Sunday, November 29, 2009

Harwin, Turkey and San Antonio

I walked with Gerre on Monday morning. We're trying to increase our three miles a little each day but we're normally restricted by time. It's been cool in the morning so it's great walking in jeans and a sweatshirt with sneakers. Then I cleaned up and met Ann, Carol and Jody at Target to leave for Harwin.

When we arrived we immediately ran into Susan, Irene and Linda at the flower place. I did find two new things and that was all I was looking for. We hit the purse, jewelry and linen places before finally returning home around 6:00 p.m. Ted even called to ask where I was. I'm seldom gone so long but it was a fun and productive day.

I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday preparing for Kristin's arrival and cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I had things under control early Thursday and was able to go with Ted to the airport to get Kristin. We had a great dinner (if I do say so myself) with Terry and Carol. By half time of the Texas/Texas A&M game, Kristin was in bed and Terry & Carol left for home. I was pooped.

We left early Friday morning and headed for San Antonio. After checking into the Hampton Inn, we walked to the Alamo for our first stop. Then we viewed the film and museum pieces in the Long Barracks. Next was a walk along the Riverwalk and then a boat ride on the river.

It was a BIG weekend in San Antonio we discovered. Friday night was the lighting of the tree on Alamo Plaza, lighting of the trees along the Riverwalk and the boat parade along the river. In addition it was St. Cecelia's Feast which is celebrated as the start of the holiday season by the Tejano's and from the Airmen we saw in town, there must have been a graduation at Lackland AFB. We and 199,997 people were in town visiting.

We drove out to the Mercado where we encountered the St. Cecelia celebrations and enjoyed the music and stalls. We decided to eat at La Margarita's because the Riverwalk and surrounding streets were being blocked off just as we left that area. We had great Mexican food and were entertained by the mariachi players who stopped at the table next to us. The gentleman there stood up and sang song after song. He sounded like a Spanish Enrico Caruso. What a voice! We couldn't have paid for any better entertainment.

Trying to get back to the motel to park was a real challenge. Traffic was backed up every which way. We finally skirted it all, got parked and walked back over towards the river. Of course we didn't have a ticket for a seat along the river so we stood at a wall above the river right at the convention center. The parade lasted a long time and was very colorful with lots of music and lights. We called it a day and headed back to the motel.

Saturday morning after breakfast we checked out and went to San Jose Mission. It is one of the biggest and best preserved along the Mission Trail. We watched a movie about the many native tribes that lived here once but eventually became disjointed from attacks by Apache Indians and the Spanish invaders. The missions were their salvation but also their downfall in that it caused the loss of much of their culture and also brought European diseases. Today in Texas we refer to the people of this descent as Tejanos. They are Mexicans who were in Texas before it was Texas. They are hardworking, religious, family-oriented people and they love a fiesta!

We headed home and made a planned stop in San Marcos at the outlet mall. I bought a $70 dress from Strausburg Children for Morgan for $15 and Kristin got two pair of Easy Spirit shoes for $20 each. The crowds were terrific so we didn't stay long. From there we started for home in earnest just stopping in Giddings to buy tomato preserves for Carol at Lee County General Store. We also arrived in Magnolia just at 5:00 o'clock so we went to St. Matthias for Mass. We came home to our Thanksgiving leftovers and called it a day.

Morgan and Sam called this morning. They are on the Polar Express going to the North Pole to see Santa. This is a train out of Owasso, MI. They said they were having hot chocolate "which is like coffee but tastes good" Morgan said. Sam said this was the best time of his life because he had been at the Star Wars Concert yesterday. Oh to be a kid again.

Kristin and I have a lot of running to do today. Her flight is at 5:45 AM tomorrow so it's another VERY early day. I'll catch you all later.

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Kristin said...

I had a great weekend! Thank you for everything. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at Christmas.