Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Officially Old and God is Laughing

I went to Canasta as planned on Monday. Since Michele and I had no cards the first round my overall score was low enough to give me lowest score ... and my money back! For dinner we met Stella, Jay, Rick and Brenda at Sweet Tomatoes. We made plans to play Pegs and Jokers on Thursday night.

On Tuesday I kept my eye doctor appointment and was shocked when he told me I had cataracts on both eyes. I thought I needed my prescription changed. Pretty soon I'm going to be the bionic woman! Since I was having a hard time driving in the bright sunlight I went to the Black Walnut Cafe near his office for the Coffee and Chit Chat Group to give my eyes a chance to adjust.

That afternoon when I could see OK again, I followed Ted to the car wash where he used the gift card I gave him for his birthday for a complete detail inside and out of his truck. We stopped at the shopping center on the way home. I bought a gift for our Texas Boomers Christmas Party and the young man at the register asked me if I belonged to the Tuesday Club. I said no and he asked if I wanted to be since he thought I probably qualified. He explained it was 10% off on Tuesdays for seniors. Sure kid, I'm a senior, give me my darn discount!! I guess the mirror hasn't been lying and I'm probably in for a real shock when I can see properly again. Can't you hear Him chuckling already? Don't ever doubt that God has a sense of humor.

Pegs and Jokers was scrapped for Thursday evening because Ted had to fly to McAllen at the last minute. He took a 5:40 a.m. flight home on Friday to be back in time to take me to have my eyes "measured" and get all the instructions for my 12/2 cataract surgery. For not being a big deal, I have a lot of stuff to do prior to the surgery.

Last night we were invited to the country club by Jeff and Connie because we had taken them to dinner awhile back. A good group gathered and it was a nice time.

Today Susan, Carol and I went to a Christmas open house in Conroe. Then we stopped at MacKenzie's for a burger before heading south back to The Woodlands. Susan and I continued on to the jewelers to pick up my rings. They did a spectacular job replacing the emerald with the new diamond and the new ring using all my old diamonds turned out terrific. My wedding band sparkled like crazy from a good cleaning. It's a quite nice 45th anniversary present times two.

Ted has been at the Houston Gun Club over the past couple of days. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary and had all kinds of shoots, dinners, fireworks, etc. He won third place (out of 200 shooters) in skeet and brought home a trophy. The lamp table in the office is getting crowded.

We're having goetta for breakfast at Terry & Carol's tomorrow after church. She is introducing a few novices into the intricacies of Cincinnati cuisine. Then I have a Southern Living party and Ted will be content to watch football all afternoon.

I just want to say I don't feel old. We both had a great year with no aches, pains or doctor visits. We walked all over National Parks this summer, all over Europe last month and I'm walking three miles a day with Gerre (we're working up to 5 miles). And other than the time adjustment, I've been sleeping great. So, unofficially, I'm still young at heart regardless of what the calendar, the doctor and that kid say.

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Barbara said...

Sounds like life is good for you! Don't let the cataract surgery bother you - I had mine two years ago and it was a breeze.