Sunday, November 9, 2008

San Antonio

Todd, Ann and Nick arrived at the RV Saturday morning and we took the truck into town. The Veteran's Day Parade was starting at noon and we wanted to get parked before they started closing streets.

Our first stop was the Alamo. We watched the video in the Long Barracks and took in the other information there. I was able to tell them a lot of Texas history. We were unable to get into the Alamo at first because they were laying wreaths and having a 21 gun salute to honor the fallen men of the Alamo. Nick said he didn't want to run into any of those officiating because he didn't want to have to salute and possibly make a mistake. Yesterday he wanted to bring his jacket but didn't know how to carry it. A fellow airman showed him so he brought it along. He kept checking his hat making sure it was on properly. They sure do a number on these young men and women.

After our tour of the Alamo itself (where their reaction was the same as everyone's - it's small and in the middle of downtown), we headed to the Riverwalk. They were all impressed with the natural beauty of the area, the sunshine and green trees in November. We took the boat ride and the captain congratulated the three graduates on board.

We walked along some more before stopping for lunch. Nick was able to talk to his sister Vicki back in Indiana for the first time. He kept telling her it was just luck summer in San Antonio and it's November! We were under a tree and sure enough a bird got his shoulder. The waiter brought a warm cloth and it came off with no problem. After eating his quesidilla, half of his mother's catfish and fries and the last quarter of my quesidilla he proclaimed he was full.

Afterwards we walked over to Hemisfair Park, a place Ted and I had not visited yet. It's a beautiful park with lovely grounds. We were headed to the Tower of the Americas. They have a 4-D ride "over Texas" where you get snorted by a bull, splashed by a crocodile, bounced around in a space shuttle and thrown from a bull. It was just like Disney. We took the elevator to the top for a panoramic view of the city.

Our last stop was the Mercado. We walked through the courtyard area listening to music. Ann bought a few souvenirs and Nick bought a dish of ice cream. He didn't stay full for long! Then it was back to the RV. Nick finished the milk I brought and ate a couple of pop tarts. I think he has a hollow leg.

We met them for church at the chapel Sunday morning and it was an uplifting Mass. They say there are no atheists in foxholes. By the looks of attendance, there aren't many in basic training either. We said our goodbye to Nick and are now getting ready to pull out. Ann and Todd will be at our house sometime tomorrow.

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