Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We came to Rayford on Wednesday pretty early. Ted had an 8:30 am appt. at Camperland to have the Dometic refrigerator recall kit put on. We have never had trouble but figured we should get the shield put on as directed. Once he was set up I brought the rest of the stuff over in the Expedition.

Some friends were already in so we visited. They asked if we wanted to grill out for dinner but we chose to eat inside. I was sound asleep by 9 pm and slept until 7 am. Every once in awhile it all catches up with me and I'm down for the count.

Thursday for dinner I made two pumpkin pies, sweet potato casserole and cranberry jello salad. Rick and Brenda drove over from the other campground and brought orange danish and sausage patties for breakfast. Dawn and Greg came with them and stayed for dinner. Rick and Brenda were going to his sister's for dinner and left before we ate.

Of course there is never enough food! NOT! Another huge feast was presented. I used my dishes, silverware and wine glasses and passed up the paperware that was set out. After all, it is a holiday. Later that night we sat around Jay's firepit even though it wasn't cool out.

Friday was dry and warm despite the weather forecasts. At 2 pm there was a craft project that Stella and I decided to do. We made a gingerbread girl holding a sign with our name on it. We decided we would be lucky to get C- in art if we were in school but it was fun.

Eight of us went to Donnelly's pizza buffet for dinner and got back just in time to play bingo. There are 5 games and one family won the first three! I needed one number on the 4th and 5th games but Diane never called my numbers. Afterwards Stella, Ellen, Ron and I played Mexican Train. Ellen beat us all by over 100 points but the rest of us were within six points of one another.

Today is cool and cloudy. Ted ate the breakfast served in the rally hall but I just had a bowl of cereal at the RV and carried my coffee cup to the hall to visit. Afterwards Ted and I went to check out recliners but we keep coming back to the Lazy Boy Pinacle Recliner. We still haven't ordered them. We also stopped to look at Mobile Suites and Escapade 5th wheels. I still haven't seen anything I like any better than what I have.

Tonight we're grilling burgers and everyone is bringing their leftovers to make a meal. There is a band later on but it is so cool out that I doubt we'll stay outside to listen to them. If we stay outside, it will be bundled up sitting around Jay's firepit again. We're going home tomorrow. We need to get ready to leave for Boerne, TX on Thursday. Next weekend is the Texas Boomers Christmas Camp Out.

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