Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Pooped!

It has been a very busy week and I am simply too pooped to pop! Brenda and Rick expected to stay a night while they got new carpet and hardwood floors in their motorhome. They dropped Cleo off early on Monday and came back later in the afternoon. We had Taco Soup with cornbread I made for dinner and watched Dancing With The Stars. Company does not have a choice in TV when MY shows are on.

Tuesday Ted left for Austin and I brought every Christmas box down from the attic. After a chicken dinner I prepared, Brenda and I went to an Ecumenical Church Thanksgiving service. It was being held at St. Anthony's this year. I took two loaves of Friendship Bread I had made.

On Wednesday my friend Connie came over to help with my Christmas dilemma. We have never been here for Christmas in 7 years so I haven't seen my decorations for a long time. She and I started evaluating. We worked all day. By that evening Ted was home and Brenda and Rick took us to Saw Grass Steak House for dinner. I sure appreciated the break from the kitchen.

Thursday morning they rounded up all their things including Cleo and took off expecting their motorhome to be ready. Connie came by with a list typed on two pages and pictures of the places we needed to purchase things for in the house. We hit Lowe's, Garden Ridge, Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Picket Fences. We were gone 6 hours with time off for a quick lunch. Then we spent another two hours placing things. Instead of getting rid of stuff I had acquired more!

Friday morning I had to finish the jobs Connie had left for me ... decorate the small tree, place the bobeshes around the light bulbs on the dining room fixture, cut the price tags off things, try to clean up the glitter, etc., etc. I also did our laundry plus the sheets from the guest bedroom and put new sheets on that bed. Brenda called and said they stayed in the motorhome in the parking lot of the business that is laying the new flooring. It was still not done.

I had a lunch date with Ann at 1 pm and afterwards took a garland back to Hobby Lobby and stopped at the 99 cent store to get eight presents for our Dollar Christmas for bunco. It was 4 pm when I got home and Ted was snoozing on the coach and didn't even hear me come in.

I debated whether I wanted to go to Wind Down and at the last minute put eggs on for deviled eggs to take with us. It was a nice crowd and we were glad we went. I "stole" Michele's last banana. It was turning brown and she is going to Florida tomorrow. I explained to her that I needed to make banana bread for a funeral breakfast on Tuesday but my bananas are not ripe enough. She was more than happy to donate her one lonely piece of fruit. There was a message on my cell phone when we arrived home ... Brenda said they were home meaning the coach was back at the campground - finally!

We have no commitments tomorrow but may go to the Lighting of the Doves if the weather isn't too cool. There is a street fair from 3-9 tomorrow and then the lights on the bridge over Lake Woodlands are lit to start off the holiday season. Next post I'll let you know if I recovered enough to make it.

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