Monday, November 24, 2008


Saturday I made four loaves of banana bread with my two bananas and the one I commandeered from Michele. Two are for the funeral breakfast and I sent one to a friend who just arrived home from the hospital. She may not be able to eat it but her husband can or it will be handy if someone stops in for a visit. It's the thought more than anything that counts.

Ted had gone shooting and I intended to just take things easy. I put some ribs into the oven about 2 pm and the phone rang. It was Brenda wanting us to go to The Lighting of the Doves. Ted told me to take the ribs out and we would have them Sunday.

So a little before 6 pm they arrived with a couple from their park in from Canada. They all admired my Christmas decorations before we took off in the Expedition. My SUV sure comes in handy when there are 6-8 people going somewhere.

We parked and walked over to Town Green Park. The light exhibit you walk through was up as was the ice skating rink. There were booths lining the Waterway and we sort of sauntered by and finally arrived at the snow hill where adults and kids alike were taking turns riding intertubes down the hill. The line was unbelievably long!

We ended up close to the area where Santa arrived by barge along the Waterway. He made his way to the stage where he read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Then they threw the switch to light the doves. Afterwards there were fireworks. It was great to see the kids all excited and so innocent. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He is the spirit that is in all of us.

It was obvious that any restaurant in the mall or Market Street was going to be swamped so we opted to buy four $5 pizzas from Domino's, two six-packs of beer at Wal-Mart and coupled that with a bottle of wine that was at home. We came back to the house and had a fun evening visiting. A topic of discussion was the difference in our health care systems.

Sunday we went to church and wow! the music was something. They had the "Opening of the 10th Anniversary Door" which happened at the 9 am Mass but the music must have been carried over. There was even a trumpet player. What a way to end the liturgical year. Next week will be the first Sunday in Advent and the church year starts over.

Ted watched football and I started wrapping Christmas gifts. I'm going to send them to Michigan along with our heavy sweaters and stuff via UPS. We hope to get by with just a carry on when we fly there 12/11. We can UPS it back to ourselves before we leave up there. Most of what we wear up there we don't use down here.

We decided to put the empty boxes away in the attic above the garage. I slipped off the edge of the plywood up there and put my foot through the ceiling in the garage. Thus the title of this blog. A drywall guy came by today and will be back next Monday to fix it for $75. Not too bad for a simple mistake.

At 6 pm we met the Newcomer's group at Guadalajara restaurant for dinner. I had put the ribs in the oven in the morning and we ate those for lunch so we weren't too terribly hungry. I ate one taco and brought the other one home and had it for lunch today.

We're taking Terry & Carol to the airport tomorrow. They are flying to New York to be with their daughter and her family for Thanksgiving. We'll be heading to Rayford on Wednesday morning and will stay until Sunday. I'm going to enjoy taking it easy for a couple days.

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