Friday, November 14, 2008

A Week To Catch Up

We had an uneventful trip home from San Antonio in beautiful sunshine. We exit I-10 at Brookshire and take the back way home via Waller and Magnolia. That keeps us out of the Houston traffic and it's a pretty ride. I gave Ann and Todd the directions too so they could see a little more of the Texas scenery besides I-10, I-610 and I-45. This was one of the few times I had very little food to bring home. We had everything put away quickly and I started the laundry.

Monday morning Brenda called and asked if it was okay for her and Rick to come for a visit. Ted was at physical therapy and I was waiting for Ann and Todd so they came ahead. Shortly after they left our company arrived. Ted had a pork loin on the rotisserie for dinner and the weather was drizzly so we took a ride around The Woodlands before the weather got any worse.

On Tuesday it rained like the "hammers of hell" as my Grandpa would say. But they wanted to buy cowboy boots because they participate in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. They were in the blog back in June while we were in Ohio. They don't have access to the selection that is available here.

We headed to Conroe and stopped at a couple stores, some that I didn't even know about. The clerks were so helpful in suggesting other places to try. Todd bought his pair at Basken's in Conroe and Ann bought hers at Cavender's in Huntsville.

We made a quick stop at the Visitor's Center of the Sam Houston museum. The weather was too bad to walk to Sam's statue or to go through his houses but they saw a bit of it. Ann bought some belt buckles and jewelry as prizes for their upcoming Horseman's Club outing at the gift shop. After the $5 Burgers or BBQ Tuesday special at McKenzie's we headed home. It was almost impossible to see and cars were spraying rooster tails up and down the highway. We were glad to get home. This was our first rain since Ike almost two months ago.

Our company left bright and early Wednesday morning. I sent them up SH 59 to I-30 towards Little Rock. When they called later they said they enjoyed that route too. I haven't heard yet but I assume they made it to Indiana safely. I skipped two outings I had for Wednesday because I was just too tired to get dressed to go out.

Thursday I cleaned a little and did the ironing while Ted finished his Skeet League shooting that was cancelled Tuesday because of the rain. He thinks he came in second in his league this time. Their banquet is in two weeks. In the afternoon we ran some errands. We came home to leftovers for dinner because I had done a lot of cooking this past week.

Things are settled down now and we're home until we head to Rayford Crossing Campground for Thanksgiving. There is entertainment all weekend and a dinner on Thanksgiving day. The park furnishes the turkey and we only have to bring side dishes. And no clean up!!! A good many of our camping friends will be there.

I'm making two salads for a funeral today. Rose asked me to be there by 11:00. I also have to stop to buy some drinks for her. I'll help serve and clean up. I understand this is a young father. How sad. Until later ...

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