Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week Seven

Saturday was cleaning day.  The dust from the fields here is awful.  I am glad I have no more to clean than this 38 foot RV!  While I did my work, Ted went to have my oil changed and get a haircut.  At 4:00 we went to church and then picked up Susan, Tommy and Bill (Alana - not Ornell - was not feeling well -- I had the wrong couple coming down!) and then we picked up Stella (Jay cannot eat just yet but encouraged her to go).  We had a good Mexican meal at La Patio.  Bill and Stella took soup home to their ailing partners.  We rode them around Retama so Bill could see it.  

Sunday was warm but WINDY!  Ted went to shoot skeet.  Then we went to the flea market with our company when he returned.  Sunday and Wednesday are the only two opportunities they will have to go there.  Ted was waiting for his watch that was getting a new clasp.  Now the fellow is in the hospital.  He checked on it last week so he wanted to stop again.

We split up in the market and eventually met back at the pavilion where the music was.  Susan and I had made several purchases, Ted had rescued his watch since the gentleman had a stroke so chances are he won't be fixing clasps anytime soon and we then headed to the produce barn.  From there we went to Ace's BBQ for an early dinner.  Afterward we showed them our gun range, the Border Patrol station and the palapa on the river so Alana could see Mexico.  She had walked her dog and thought she was in Mexico when she crossed an irrigation canal.

I have kept our calendar open but the health issues of 8 seniors and 3 dogs is keeping us hopping.  My back still flares up and walking at the flea market set it off.  Jay tried to eat a baked potato and had to stop after one bite.  All the mouth surgery is still bothering him.  Stella uses a cane at times and Tommy usually doesn't walk too far.  Alana's dog had to go to the emergency vet with ant bites or chiggers all over so we have to keep reassessing what we can do!

While Bill was in Mexico at the dentist, Alana was at the vet and Jay & Stella took a day of rest, I chose to do laundry.  I used the one by Susan's spot so we could visit while we waited.  While the washer ran we picked up my slacks from the seamstress but I never did make it to the grocery or my Swedish Weaving class!  

Ted had tactical shooting at 5:30 and we had agreed on pizza for dinner.  So Ted was gone, Jay & Stella weren't with us all day, Bill ate after the dentist and Tommy didn't want to be the only guy so Susan, Alana and I went to Titto's by ourselves.  See what I mean?  The best laid plans of mice and men ......

Tuesday Ted went to the range to run clay bird shooting.  Trying to get myself ready for the day set my back and leg off.  It hurt so bad I hesitated going to the grocery by myself so Ted went with me when he came home.  The clubhouse was being decorated for the Valentine's party so we had a little neighborhood game of Mah Jongg in Kathy's coach house that filled a couple of hours.  Ted called the pain clinic and moved my appointment up to this Thursday instead of next Thursday.  

At 4:30 we picked up Jay and Stella to meet the four from next door at Fuddrucker's for their Valentine's Special that Susan knew about.  Two burgers, two fries and two milkshakes for $20.  

Jay still can't eat so I promised him my milkshake to drink and I just had water.  It was very good and a nice celebration for the 8 of us on Valentine's Day.  We spent the rest of the evening at home.

We didn't do anything in particular on Wednesday.  The girls were going to the flea market and ropas, something that would have me on my feet for hours ... and that wasn't going to happen!  But we did go to dinner with them minus Stella and Jay.  He is having a hard time still.

Thursday was breakfast out and then my MRI follow up appointment.  He said I have an old, healed coccyx fracture and neither of us can think of anytime this could have happened.  It also showed two arthritic or herniated discs around L5 and S1.  One said herniated, the other said arthritic.  A facit injection was ordered and they got me in on the evening schedule.  

I returned in time to take Susan on the state park tram tour.  In about six weeks the birds will be flying through but there was not a lot of activity other than the chakalakas that gathered at the feeder when the guide shook out seed.

Another stop was a lake created by backwaters from the Rio Grande River.  It now has tilapia, Asian carp and alligator gar due to the flood waters from 2010.  Mexico is the other side.

Our last stop was an original survey marker that remains on the U.S. side and has a partner just like it on the Mexico side.  The guide was very knowledgable and we enjoyed ourselves.

A little after returning home we left again for Westlaco for my injections.  It wasn't too bad and I am hoping and praying this gives me the relief I need.  I have a follow up appointment on 3/2 unless after 3-4 days I don't have relief.  I will get my MRI and treatment file to take home with me before I leave here.  We stopped at Luby's for dinner since I hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was 8:30 pm.

Friday I worked upon my SIL's taxes but I need her AGI for 2015 to support her identity and it is in her file at my house.  She will have to wait until we get home.  Once I put that number in I can file electronically for her.

That night we went to a dance at Bentsen Groves up the street from us.  Ralph and the Cruisers, advertised as the best rock and roll band in the valley, were playing.  We managed three dances but mostly enjoyed the music and watching the dancers.  

I decided not to participate in the gun competition today.  Standing around could get too painful for me  to shoot effectively but by the scores Ted said were posted I could have helped most teams.  It was shotgun, rifle or pistol.  I could have shot any.  Ted's team came in second but he is questioning their scoring.  Rifles and pistol are timed.  Shotgun is hit or miss.  And they put it all into software that can't measure both methods.  He shot with no misses but they gave him a 30 second time which makes no sense.  Stay tuned!

We went to church and a wedding was just finishing up.  The flowers on the altar and in the main aisle were very pretty.  A policeman interrupted the sermon to announce four cars were illegally parked in the alley and had the wedding folks blocked in.  Anywhere else they would have called the tow truck instead.  Several men popped up quickly!  We chose Dirty Al's in McAllen for dinner.  It is a lot closer than their South Padre Island location.  I had the special - coconut shrimp, zucchini and red potatoes.  Excellent!

My injection has not been as effective as I hoped.  However, they said it could take 3-4 days and even Don, the anatomy professor said 72 hours so I am being patient.  

Tomorrow Gerre and Barry arrive and Tucker will stay with us.  The Holiday Inn doesn't allow dogs.  I hope the weather and my injection all work out to a great week for us.

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