Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

This has been a weird week.  With Dan and Sue not coming at the last minute, but Niles still making the trip, my organization was turned upside down.  I found myself with some free time and used it to get a few things taken care of before I get back into my normal chaos.

A lot had piled up on my desk and hopefully I have taken care of it all with nothing falling through the cracks.  I have our Christmas card designed but not ordered.  For all our traveling this year we had very few good photos of us to choose from!

My closet is getting very crowded with my Christmas purchases despite leaving eight packages in Michigan.  But the shopping portion of the holidays is pretty much under control.

Saturday was a quiet day around the house doing a little laundry, going to church and then out to dinner with Terry and Carol.  Though we were with them Friday night, the seating arrangement was such that we never really talked.  We sat for a long time doing just that after dinner.

Ted had a big shoot again on Sunday morning and was gone by 7:30.  I updated all my work hours for Forum and will be ahead in required hours before we leave 1/1 for Mission.  I sent my Thanksgiving cards and wrote out my grocery list.  Now Ted does most of the grocery shopping but I on occasion run across the road to Randall's.  He wanted a fresh turkey from HEB so I went there.  I roamed around, backtracked, asked, read my list and hunted for bunco snacks and Thanksgiving dinner for two hours!  I finally found everything on my list and made it home.

He fixed some chili for dinner and I prepared my tables and dishes for bunco on Monday.  I made a quiche using pico de gallo instead of broccoli in it. The gals loved it. I bought a package of apple slices that turned out to be very tasty.  I coupled it with a carmel dip.  A block of cream cheese covered in hot red pepper jam was served with crackers and mini muffins (from HEB) rounded out the menu.  There were candies and peanuts on the tables.  Coffee, iced tea, fresh squeezed OJ, soft drinks and water were drinks.  Having all that done made my Monday morning easy.

Ted left for Dallas so after bunco I had the day to myself,  I put the tables back in order taking the card table and chairs back out to the garage.  I added the extra leaf to the dining room table and put the freshly laundered tablecloth on.  Since Ted was gone I had to put both the recycling and garbage out.   I ran the dishwasher, did a load of laundry and once it was put away, I put my feet up for the rest of the day.

Wednesday I set the table for Thanksgiving using my pumpkin arrangement as a centerpiece.  Then Carol stopped by with a cornucopia of flowers for the table so I moved the pumpkin to the kitchen table.  When Ted came home he said Kara was sending flowers!  She was able to change the order to be delivered in December as a Christmas arrangement.  By then I had everything in order, the last load of laundry done and all the dishes out I would need on Wednesday when I started cooking.

We had dinner and watched the DWTS finale.  I was so happy the gymnast won but the race driver was equally deserving.  

On Wedneaday Ted got up earlier than usual to put the turkey in brine.  I had set the table and once he got out of the kitchen I made the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, ready for the oven on Thursday.  We didn't do much else for the evening but eat a bit of dinner and watch TV.

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