Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Texas Win!

Ted went shooting early Sunday and I made the individual cherry cheesecakes for the tailgating party.  We made it to Gerre's way before half time so Ted was able to see almost the whole game.  I, on the other hand, did more visiting than anything else.  

Food, food and more food.  There were remnants of lots of appetizers and at half time there was baked ziti, salad and garlic bread.  There were two cakes, a plate of cookies and my cheesecakes for dessert.  No one went home hungry.  And the Texans won!

As soon as the game is over, everyone picks up their stuff and heads out.  We stayed an extra hour since we really didn't get to visit with Barry and Gerre.  I informed Barry he had been nominated and elected to once again carve our Thanksgiving turkey.  I hope mine is at least half as good as his was last year.

We arrived home and Marina came over from next door to give us her garage opener so we can put her garbage can away.  She picked up the mail we had for her and gave us her next return date.  She sure is traveling a lot for her job but we love helping her out.

On Monday nothing happened.  Really!

Tuesday, after Isabelle cleaned (whew!), Niles arrived.  We visited for a bit, then took a ride around the area and eventually went to dinner.  When we returned I prepared a French toast casserole for breakfast the next morning.  By 10:00 Niles and I each retired for the evening but Ted came to bed later.  I fell right to sleep and got a goodnight's sleep.  

I was up early since I went to bed so early and I was dressed and ready to start breakfast when the fellows were ready.  We had a nice meal and Ted gathered his clothes, guns, coolers, etc. to get ready.  At 1:00 they took off.  They were stopping in Huntsville before heading to somewhere around Madisonville.

I just whiled away the day since I had no idea when they would return.  It was about 2 a.m. when they rolled in.  I had been in bed for several hours.  Niles shot a 120# pig and it was cleaned and quartered at the ranch.  We lent him our old Coleman cooler to take it home.  Ted didn't see a hog while sitting in the blind but almost hit one on the road when they left.

I made breakfast again and Niles headed back to the valley.  He eventually sent an email that he had arrived home safely.  Since I needed to be at Avril's to play cards at 12:30 I immediately started getting ready.  I came in 3rd due to Linda's constantly having 2-3 wild cards in every hand!  There was just no stopping her.  Ted had defrosted the meatballs and sauce for dinner and besides eating and going through the mail I didn't do much else.  

I was up very early Friday to bake a quiche to take to a Forum meeting and used the time to strip the guest room bed and get that laundry started.  I enjoyed the meeting and found out I was nominated for Volunteer of the Month for an "act of kindness" I did at the Thrift Shop.  I was flattered.  It is such a great group of women and I enjoy working and socializing with them immensely.  

For dinner we met old friends who moved to Atlanta six years ago but returned for a memorial service for a friend of theirs.  

There were six couples and we had such a great time catching up on family and life in general.  

It was great to see them but hate the reason they came back.  Unfortunately we are heading into that time of life where illness and death are going to rear their ugly heads more than we care to admit.

Next week will be busy again.  I have bunco here Monday, Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  There are lots of other things for the holidays I need to get started on soon.  As the old TV. show used to say "Like grains of sand through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives,"

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